Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench

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Impact wrenches have numerous uses around the home and even at job sites, but they require  a certain minimum size air compressor to operate properly.  

The issue is, there are many compressor brands and they have different tank sizes and varying output pressures , so as a result,  it’s only natural to be confused when it comes to choosing the best running air compressor for an impact wrench. 

So, before choosing the best air compressor for impact wrench, gaining some knowledge on the air tools requirement and checking some top brands on the market would be a good move. This is why we have put this article together.

Thanks to the reviews, the buying guide and the FAQ’s, you should be able to narrow down one or two and choose one that will best fit your style and budget. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive in!


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Reviews Of The Best Air Compressors For Impact Wrench 2022

Craftsman CMEC3KIT

This air compressor has enough power which is sufficient to handle pneumatic tools such as pneumatic siding, trim and roofing.  

It has a large capacity which is a maximum air pressure of 150 psi and an airflow of 2.6 cfm at 90 psi.

The Craftsman CMEC3KIT comes with a maintenance free pump for long life and ease of use. In addition to this, it has a sturdy construction. It’s sturdy rubber feet help to prevent the compressor from shifting during use. 

It also features the dual ¼ ” NPT ports. These allow 2 pipes and tools to be connected to the compressor simultaneously. 

 This air compressor is very portable, robust and well-designed. The design features the carry handle and elastic feet which protects your feet and the surfaces it sits on. 

It is basically maintenance free thanks to its oil-free pump. The Craftsman CMEC3KIT comes with a 1 year warranty and it’s parts are very easy to find. 


Pros & Cons

  • Ability to run continuously for long hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Has a quick recovery time
  • Durable oil-free pump
  • No instruction provided for its use




DeWalt DWFP55126  6 Gallon 165 PSI Air Compressor

When connected to an extension cable or cold weather, this air compressor is built around a highly efficient motor that enables it to start smoothly.  

The Dewalt air compressor is rated for maximum pressure of 165 psi. The tank has a 6-gallon capacity, 90 PSI discharge pressure and an airflow rate of 2.6 cfm. This air compressor comes with a high current regulator to purposely give users maximum efficiency. 

It comes with 2 standard plugs which allows users to use 2 power tools at the same time. This air compressor features a pump that has a spherical drain valve that empties that tank to remove any moisture accumulated inside.

This Pancake DeWalt DWFP55126  6 Gallon 165 PSI air compressor is ideal for any one who wants the best air compressor for impact wrench but fear small tanks and small capacities.  It is light in weight as it weighs only 30 lbs, this makes it easy to to transport it anywhere you go. In addition to this, it comes with a rubber foot which helps to provide stability and protect the floor from scratches. 


  • Operates at low noise levels
  • Easy to install
  • Durable construction
  • Separate meters for air outlets and PSI
  • One year warranty
  • Bearings are tiny and can leak air





Porter Cable Pancake Air Compressor 

This air compressor is designed to increase performance and stability.  It delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi and in addition to this, it has a fast system recovery time. 

The Porter cable air compressor comes with a 6-gallon tank suitable for small to medium jobs as it can hold large amounts of air. It can basically store up to 150 psi in a tank.

It’s important to note that this air compressor comes with 2 readable pressure gauges. These gauges make it possible for users to know how much pressure is left in the tank and left in the pipeline.

This air compressor features 2 adjustable air connectors which enable 2 people to use the machine at the same time. It also comes with an easy-to-use sleeve which covers meters and other viral parts of the machine securely, protecting them from dangerous elements while stationary. 

One of the reasons why this air compressor is quite popular is its affordability. In addition to this, it comes with the pump which is oil-free and as such, users don’t need to worry about filling or lubricating this air compressor on a regular basis. 

The Porter cable air compressor weighs only 34 lbs and as such, it is very light in weight. Users can easily transport it from one place to the other and it can easily fit in the smallest car. 

The engine for this air compressor also performs exceptionally well in all weather conditions. Even at the lowest temperatures, it’s 120-volt motor which is well protected is capable of starting this air compressor. 

This air compressor has a long-lasting oil-free pump in addition to this, it is also maintenance-free. 


  • Highly durable
  • Exceptional portability
  • Quality air compressor
  • Fast recovery time
  • Very powerful
  • Bearings are tiny and can leak air





Bostitch Air Compressor Combo Kit, 3-Tool (BTFP3KIT) 

This air compressor comes with an electrically efficient 110v Bostitch electric motor that requires 15 amps to start. Thanks to the pump/motor combination, users can be guaranteed of an excellent performance. 

The Bostitch air compressor weighs only 29 lbs although it comes with a powerful engine, Co pressure pump and a 6 gallon storage tank. 

With this air compressor, you don’t need to worry about regular maintenance as it is an oil-free compressor design which provides clean compressed air and as a result,  a significant key reduces the need for maintenance.  

This Bostitch air compressor is powered by a relatively quiet 78.5 dBA electric and highly efficient motor. 

Bostitch as a brand has developed a world wide reputation for its durable,  efficient and reliable air compressor pressure and pneumatic tools. This BTFP3KIT model is perhaps one of the best portable pancake air compressors you can purchase on the market today.  

For maximum air tool efficiency, this air compressor comes with a regulator which has a high flow rate and couplings for maximum air tool efficiency. 

It is very easy to start this air compressor in cold weather and at the same time,  it has a highly efficient motor which develops a speed of 2.6 cc. This air compressor features 2 connectors allowing 2 people to use the air compressor at the same time.  

When it comes to its tank, this air compressor has a tank capacity of 150 PSI max. It has a quick recovery and prolonged tool life. 

It’s important to note that it is light in weight as it weighs only 29 lbs which makes it very easy to transport and store. 


  • It has a 6 gallon tank capacity
  • It operates quietly
  • Pocket friendly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The cord appears to be a little substandard




Stealth Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

This Stealth Ultra Quiet air compressor delivers 3 CFM at 90 PSI, which is enough to power most air impact wrenches, thanks to its 1.3 HP motor.

Its 4.5 gallon tank can be filled in 70 seconds, which is quite convenient.

Even though it still takes some time to put together, it has several substantial advantages, such as 6 inch reinforced wheels that make moving it around a breeze.

It also incorporates an oil-free pump, which makes compressor maintenance a snap. It comes with wheels as well.


  • Oil-free
  • Operates quietly
  • Easy to start
  • Gallon can be filled in only 70 seconds
  • Assembling it takes some time



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Buying Guide; How To Choose The Best Air Compressor For Impact Wrench

In the section,  we will look at some of the important things to consider before you purchase an air compressor for impact wrench. 



CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute.  This measures how much air the air compressor can move per minute.  This is what tells us how much air is expected out of the hose. 

One important thing to note  is that an impact wrench is an intermittent air tool. This basically means, it uses the area in short bursts. This means, unlike an air gun, you don’t need as much CFM as a continuous machine when it comes to an impact wrench. 

However, impact wrenches require certain amounts of air to drive bolts but if it’s more than the machine can supply, it will end up draining the tank. This also means that if the CFM isn’t not sufficient to keep the tank full, you will be required to take frequent breaks to allow it to catch up.

Unlike nail guns, impact wrenches don’t need nearly as much CFM as other tools; however, they require more than a nail gun.  

It is always advisable to purchase the highest number of CFM you can to supply you with enough air to complete any job.


Tank Size

The tank size of your air compressor for impact wrench is a very important factor to always consider. This is because, as the impact wrench works, the tank will lose air and as such, the pump will replace that air based on its CFM rate. 

That means,  if you use the air faster than your air compressor can replace it, you will need to take a break to let it recharge.  As a result,  it is always advisable to go in for a larger tank especially if you use your impact wrench a lot or the compressor is not very strong.


Other Features

The CFM and tank size are perhaps the most important things to look out when choosing an air compressor for impact wrenches. However, there are other important things to also consider.



If you desire to use your air compressor for other tools, some machines will allow you to easily adjust the PSI level available from the hose. This is a very important feature as you will be able to make adjustments through a regulator. You have to make sure the model you go in for has a durable regulator you can easily change.  



An impact is not a tool you can easily move around and as such,  if you plan on using your air compressor with other tools, you should consider the weight of the air compressor before purchasing it.



There is nothing more frustrating than an air compressor that keep sliding air while you are working with it. This is why it is always advised that you  check how the air compressor you intend on purchasing holds air and how it can stay pressurized overnight.  


Drain Valve

Having an air compressor with a good drain valve is very important.  The truth is, many people fail to consider the drain valve until after they’ve purchased the air compressor. 

It’s important to note that condensation can build up and chase with, a terrible to settle at the bottom of the tank and as such, if you have a good drain valve,  it will easily remove the water before it causes corrosion or rust. 




What size air compressor do I need for an impact wrench?

When purchasing a suitable air compressor, the tank size is another thing to consider.  It is always recommended that you go in for an area tank of at least 5 gallons for minor keys such as 4 inches. 

However, if you use an air tool regularly,  5 gallons cans of air will be more than sufficient. 


How many PSI does it take for an impact wrench?

It’s important to note that the size of the impact wrench is what determines the air pressure required to operate the air compressor. 

Most impact switches usually operate in the 90 to 100 psi  while others require higher air pressure than that.  


Which is better, air or electric impact wrench?

This will largely depend on the user’s preference as all these types of impact wrench have advantages and disadvantages.


Will a pancake air compressor run an impact wrench?

Yes. You can use a little air compressor with an impact wrench like the poster pancake type. 

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Final Words

We hope after going through this detailed guide,  you will be able  to make an informed decision. All the models featured on this list are suited for different purposes and as a matter of fact, everyone has their own references when it comes to tools.