Best Gas Range Under $1000 Buying Guide & Review




Finding the perfect fit for a gas range can be tricky and it’s important to think about a few important things so you end up buying exactly what’s right for you!  By following this straightforward and information buying guide and going to, you’ll be off to a great start!


Gas or Electric?


The very first and probably most important question you’ll want to ask yourself is if a gas range or an electric range is right for you and your cooking needs.  Taking a close look at the pros and cons of each may help you decide.


Electric- Electric ranges tend to be much more popular, in part, because of their smooth and sleek looking range top.  Additionally, electric ranges are generally less expensive than their gas equals.  That being said, electric ranges will be more expensive to operate in the long term, in comparison to gas ranges.  Lastly, if you’re selecting your range for baking specifically, then electric is the way to go for you.  The heat in an electric range will be much more consistent.

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Gas- A gas range will be better for you if you’re specifically looking to cook on the stove top because you can use the flame to gauge the temperatures you’re cooking at.  Furthermore, in the long term, you’ll pay less to use your gas range stove.




For any consumer, the cost of the product is immensely important to consider.  Cost will be no doubt, an important factor in your range stove purchase.  Your cost will differ and come down to three different types of ranges.


Electric- Generally speaking, most electric ranges will cost you $390-$650.  This price point will buy you a range that includes either a coil-top range or a smooth top range.  Additionally, you should get digital displays as well as self-cleaning abilities.


Gas- The price ranges for a gas range stove is a little bit of a larger base, specifically between $399-$5,300.  The lower end of this spectrum will get you either a basic black or white stove, storage drawers and basic cast-iron grates over the burners.  As for the other end of the spectrum, by paying more, you’ll get more features like high-performance burners, a fifth burner (in comparison to the typical four) and multiple convention ovens.

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Dual-Range- By combining the best of both the gas and range stoves, this type of range will put you at a $2,000-$7,500 price point.  Although more expensive you’ll get advantages like multiple convention ovens, glass touch screens for oven control and even Wi-Fi programming for oven control!  Furthermore, for those of you who desire as much stove-top cooking space as possible in combination with an outstanding oven for baking, you can’t go wrong with a dual-range option!


Now that you have more information on the potential costs and specific features of the different kinds of stoves, you’ll not only know where to being, but you’ll also be more comfortable when selecting a stove that’s right for you and your cooking or baking needs!  Good luck!