Best Leaf Blower For Drying Cars

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One of the most important things about washing your car is drying it. Although it is the last step, it is the most critical part as it ensures that your car is without any  spots, micro-scratches or swirls. That is why you need the best leaf blower for drying cars.

To avoid direct contact with the surface of your car, it is important that you use a leaf blower to dry the beads off your car. It’s important to note that there are numerous leaf blowers available on the market today. Every leaf blower is made differently and as such, you have to opt for the one which best fits your needs. 

 This article will let you know why and how to find the best leaf blower for drying your car.

Let’s not wait further and get going !


Why do you need to dry off your car with a leaf blower?


It won’t scratch your car

This is one of the most important reasons for drying your car with a leaf blower.  

It’s completely safe to use on paint since the blower will not be in direct contact with the blower and there will be no friction with the surface.


 It’s easy

Carrying a lightweight blower and walking around your car and drying it is a relatively easy job.

Compared to drying your car with a towel, this method is far less crouching and if you are using an electric blower, you just have to plug it in and start blow-drying your car.


It does a better job

It’s basically impossible to wipe every drop of water off a vehicle with a towel.  As a result, water may still find its way into every crevice and crack and sometimes,  you won’t know there’ s water there until you drive your car.

However, with a leaf blower, any water on the surface of the car as well as every crevice and crack is perfectly dried out.


 It’s quick

Compared to using a towel, you can dry your car with a leaf blower in a short period of time. 

It usually takes a few minutes to work your way around a larger vehicle like a truck.


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Greenworks 24252 Leaf blower

The Greenworks has gradually made a name in the blower industry

and although the 24252 was primarily designed to blow dry leaves, it is very effective in blow-drying cars as well.

It comes with an extension tube which greatly helps to increase blower efficiency and its reach.

It is lightweight in design and as such, allows users to have easier control of the unit.

When it comes  to those errant water beads from your car’s surface, this 24252 model is a perfect aid for drying them off. It is very affordable and cordless.

This leaf blower comes with a large battery of GMAX 40-volt 2.0 Ah  which enables a higher output of power.

With such a large battery capacity,  this leaf blower can be used for extended periods as it can hold a charge for a longer time.

Users can easily control the intensity  of the wind speed that is being used as this leaf blower comes with a variable-speed motor and the motor provides a variable speed of around 150 mph.

It comes with 6 different speeds and users can easily choose based on the type of blowing force they require.

The Greenworks 24252 also comes with an extension tube which basically maximizes the blower efficiency and enables users to access  those hard reach corners.


  • Variable motor speeds
  • Extended run time
  • Large battery capacity
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Large sweep area
  • Not budget friendly




You won’t have to worry about the stress that comes with drying a car as this leaf blower is lightweight, very versatile and good for single-handed use.   

You can use this leaf blower for a long period of time without servicing it as it is very low on maintenance. This is  mainly due to the fact that it does not incorporate carburettors and spark plugs.

This leaf blower is able to deliver speeds of up to 90 mph at 400 cubic feet per minute ( CFM) and this thanks to the durable brushless motor it comes with. 

This simply means it is able to dry vehicles in a fraction of the time it would take  users to do it manually.

The DEWALT DCBL720P1 features a trigger lock and a variable speed controller for its usability. 

Users can easily charge this leaf blower once and use it for an extended period of time.

This is possible as it comes with the axial fan design. This feature contributes greatly towards maximising and increasing the air output of the leaf blower.

When it comes to its battery, this leaf blower features the 20V MAX 5.0 Ah battery that runs on lithium-ion technology. 

It’s important to note that this battery specifically ensures that your leaf blower delivers the same level of performance each time it’s used.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Variable trigger mechanism
  • Brushless motor
  • Cordless
  • Not pocket friendly



WORX WG520 Leaf Blower

With a very strong motor in addition to a wide-mouth nozzle, this leaf blower is powerful enough to drive 600 cubic feet of air per minute for blow-drying your car. In addition to this, the nozzle ensures the air is easily directed to where it is required. 

Most powerful motors are noisy but that is not the case with this device. Although it has a powerful motor, It produces low noise when in use and as such, your neighbours can’t complain about you blow-drying your car.

This leaf blower is lightweight in design making it on the portable tools on the market. It’s portability also allows for single-handed operation. 

It’s important to note that this leaf blower has been designed with ergonomic considerations in mind.

In addition to this, the WORX WG520 leaf blower comes with an extension cord retainer. This feature ensures that minor snags cannot disconnect the power cord. 


  • Lightweight design
  • Wide-mouth and versatile nozzle
  • Variable speed control
  • Great airspeed
  • Takes a long time to fully charge


Makita XBU02PT  Brushless Cordless Blower


This cordless leaf blower was designed with style in mind. This cordless leaf blower also has brushless technology for superior results.

This cordless leaf blower comes with two additional batteries to save downtime when the battery is low, so work doesn’t have to stop, and it takes about 45 minutes to charge thanks to the high-quality material construction.

It runs on two batteries and makes no noise when in use.


  • Extended runtime
  • Two extra batteries
  • Doesn’t make noise when working
  • Extremely effective
  • Not budget friendly




EGO Power+ LB4800 Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower

This is also a cordless leaf blower which utilizes batteries. As a result, it is in high demand, and one aspect that many appreciate about this cordless leaf blower is its powerful battery.

Furthermore, this blower is designed with an outstanding design and a variable speed design that allows users to enjoy drying their cars with this equipment.

Its battery allows for easy recharging and ensures that the blower runs continuously. Another notable characteristic of this blower is that it has a turbine fan that delivers up to 480 CFM.

This cordless leaf blower also has a brushless motor, which ensures that it not only operates fairly but also efficiently picks up load.


  • Variable speed design
  • Efficient
  • Reduces the amount of vibration produced
  • Its battery is compatible with other brands
  • Weather-resistance
  • Battery and charger are not included in package




The Best Leaf Blower For Drying Cars ; Buyers’ Guide


The numerous factors to consider before deciding on which blow dryer to go for can make your final purchasing decision a difficult one.

This section is to guide you in making the right decision by touching on the most important factors to consider so you can end up making the right decision.

Let’s dive in!


The Weight & Portability

One of the first factors to consider is the weight of the leaf blower. It’s important to go in for a leaf blower that is lightweight and comfortable enough to enable you to carry it around and work with it for extended periods of time without getting tired easily.


The Level Of Noise Produced

Most leaf blowers for cars produce a lot of noise when in operation. This can cause damage to your hearing in addition to receiving  numerous mouse complaints from your neighbours. 

Therefore,  before you settle on one, it’s advisable that you research well on the noise levels of your choice. It’s important to note that gas blowers are usually noisier than electric leaf blowers.


Length Of The Hose 

The length of the hose is what determines whether you have to move the until around or not. A shorter hose may not be very convenient and will impede the usability of the leaf blower but a longer hose will make it easier to access the hard to reach spaces of your vehicle.


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You must consider attachments when selecting blow-dryers as they are very important. Most leaf blowers that come with regular nozzles are usually unable to penetrate the tight corners and dry moisture hidden there and as a result, attachments.




Is it safe to use a leaf blower to dry my vehicle?

Yes, leaf blowers are safe to dry vehicles as long as you go by the proper precautions.  For instance, you should never let the leaf blower comes into contact with the car or its sensitive parts.


How long does it take to dry a car with a leaf blower?

Generally,  in a few minutes.  If you have a good layer of wax or sealant already on your car, the water will dry up as soon as possible. Most times, you should finish the wheels and lug nuts in about 10-minutes.


Does a leaf blower leave any debris or dirt on your car?

This will depend on how well you use it. If you follow  the proper precautions it will reduce the chances of debris or dirt on your car.


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We sincerely hope that this article has been a worthwhile read for you.  It’s important to note that going for the best leaf blower for drying your car 

Our breakdown of the best leaf blowers for drying your car would certainly guide you in making a good choice.