Best Trampoline exercises for Kids

By Vibelens •  Updated: 09/21/19 •  2 min read

Exercising on a trampoline can help you lose weight like never before. Since most of the time trampoline exercises require you to bounce, you are definitely going to burn off that fat in no time. Here are some of the exercises to help you get toned and lose weight.

Trampoline exercises

Bounce And Stretch:

Before you begin your workout, it’s always better to stretch. Doctors and experts have always advised people to stretch before working out since it protects you from any kind of injury during the exercises. All you have to do for this is stretch both the arms out at the same time while bouncing.

Jumping Jack: Trampoline exercises

Just as on the ground, begin the jumping jack by standing still on the trampoline. At first, just move your legs until you become accustomed to the feel of bouncing while spreading your feet apart. Once you are comfortable with the leg movement, move your arms above your head. This exercise works your back, chest and leg muscles.

Do the Twist:

Twist your body from side to side. This is an effective ab exercise that can be done while standing and is a lot of fun to do on a trampoline. Gently bounce up and down and bring both arms up to chest level, elbows bent. Twist your knees to the right as your body twists to the left then repeat on opposite side.

Jump and Tuck:

Execute jumping knee tucks to tone your tummy. Bounce up and down and bring your knees to your chest while pulling your chest down to your knees, land on your feet, bounce a couple more times and repeat. This works upper and lower abs.

Trampoline workouts are full of benefits. It strengthens your bones, muscles and cells. Your fitness level is improved and you feel energized at the end of the workout. It boosts your metabolism, increases blood circulation and allows you to enjoy a life that is healthy and fit.