7 Easy Steps on How to Make a Chicken Coop

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The chicken is an incredibly versatile kind of domestic fowl, a different subspecies of its close relative the red junglefowl, which itself is a group of four species that all occur in Asia.

Chickens are by far one of the largest and most widespread domestic animals, second only to cows in numbers. Up from over twenty million in 2011 to over twenty-seven million today, there are far more chickens in the whole world than all other domestic animals combined. It is no wonder that a chicken can be raised indoors easily in a large backyard with a few simple tools and a little love. You can find chickens almost anywhere in the country and can easily raise one within your home for the entire family if you want.


In order to get started on your poultry adventure, it is best to start with a basic idea for a chicken coop, and then build from there, rather than trying to build something from scratch right out of scratch. While you certainly can learn how to build a chicken coop fairly quickly and without any special skills at all, it is certainly much better to start with an idea of what a chicken coop will look like, and then use a basic plan to create it from there.


To begin your chicken coop, first you will need a basic building plan and a piece of paper or a scrapbook in which you can write down ideas. There are many excellent plans for chicken coops that can be found online, along with some really great plans for those who want to build their own chicken coop. There is no reason why you cannot create a chicken coop that you are proud of and can display proudly in your backyard, so take a look around.


Once you have your plans, your paper, and a few pieces of furniture, you are ready to construct your chicken house. Your chicken coop should be built from materials that you can afford, and that is free of chemicals, such as wood, paint, or carpet. Also, be sure not to make it too large because your chicken will soon be getting used to its new house and may decide to move. If you are starting with very small chickens, you should probably only have one or two coops, although you can always add on more as your chicken grows.


One of the greatest problems people have when they begin to build a chicken coop is not having enough space for their chickens. So, if you are buying a ready made kit, you should check that it includes the space for the base of your chicken house and for the first two to three feet. in order to provide room for your chicken. This will help you get a feel for the size of the coop, since this is the first place your chickens will spend a lot of time, and it will also give you a good idea of how much space is needed for a large coop.


Now it’s time to put the design you had for your chicken coop into action. Once you have the plans and you have the space, it’s time to set the wheels in motion and see if you are up to the challenge! If the materials you purchased are still free, you might want to set up the chicken coop by building a simple run to the backyard and then slowly adding to it as you go, so you will be able to keep up with the growing demands of your chicken.


Tips on How to Build a Chicken Coop

Owning chickens can be an exciting experience. They are great for raising meat and eggs, and they’re not that expensive at all. There are so many ways to enjoy the pleasures of raising chickens; you may want to consider learning how to build a chicken coop to keep your birds healthy and happy. To make sure your chicken coop is built well, you’ll need to follow some easy steps that can help you make a quality chicken house for your chickens.


Many people think that chicken coops require very little work on their part. However, building a coop requires careful planning. You can house eight hens in this free guide to building a chicken coop with extra space for storage and a small hatchway for laying eggs. This free guide includes detailed plans on how to measure, build a shed for the chicken house, information about materials, instructions on how to put the shed together and how to build the ventilation system. It also includes several chicken housing plans to get you started.


Building a simple chicken house is one of the easiest projects you can do on your own. The most important thing to remember when building a chicken house is to provide them with enough room. Too small a coop and they will feel cramped. Too big and they will be cramped in and sick.


Another good idea for a free chicken house guide is to create a plan that has a large number of cells or boxes and place the chicken housing in the middle. This will give the chicken’s ample room to move around freely without feeling cramped. If you’re going to put in a shed or other structure, consider putting the chicken housing on top of the structure so that the water can flow freely through the coop. This will prevent them from having to run down the hill to get water.


It’s a good idea to add a small perch to every box or cage in your coop. This will make it easier for you to feed your hens. A chicken will eat anything except grass. Make sure you provide them with food at least once every two days so they have something to eat.


You will find many chicken coop plans online or in books on how to build a chicken coop. The best way to choose one is to buy a kit that includes everything that you need for building a chicken coop. These kits are made especially for beginners and include detailed plans and detailed illustrations. There are also videos included that will show you step-by-step how to put it together.


Some of the chicken coops that are available are portable and foldable so you can take it out and store it away. This will make it easier to travel with them when you move from one location to another. You can also add ventilation for fresh air. A portable chicken house is ideal for people who live in areas where natural weather conditions change from season to season.


You can find a variety of websites that offer chicken houses for sale that are easily customizable to fit the space you need. All you need is some creative thinking and planning.


Chicken houses that are pre-built are much better than those that are built from scratch. They are more sturdy and built to last much longer than pre-made chicken houses. You can also use it year after year to enjoy fresh eggs and meat for your chickens.


One good idea to think about when getting a kit is to make sure that you buy a coop that is made with good quality materials. There are a lot of companies that sell chicken coop kits that are made of plastic or wood, which is not as good as metal or wire. Wood and plastic are usually not very strong and you can’t paint it because of weather damage.


For most people, having chicken houses that come pre-built is more economical and it also makes life a lot easier for them. Since chickens are very easy to rear and care for, you can expect them to stay healthier for a much longer period of time. So if you need to raise chickens, go for pre-built ones.

Chicken Coop Q&A Questions and Answers


What should be inside a Chicken Coop?

These days chicken coops come in a wide variety of designs, but all coops should have the following basic elements: four walls, a roof, proper ventilation, nesting boxes, and roosts/perches. Many coops are also attached to a chicken run, so the hens can have an opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air.

What is the best type of Chicken Coop?

Is it cheaper to buy or build a chicken coop?

Many prospective chicken owners can spend weeks, months, even years agonizing over which coop they want to buy or whether they are going to attempt to build their own chook palace. … In most instances purchasing your own flat packed coop is the easier, cheaper and more reliable option.

What do I need to build a Chicken Coop?

As you’re designing your dream coop, remember, no matter the style or size, every chicken coop needs to include basic essentials such as nesting boxes, a roosting bar, and a feeder and watered to ensure your flock stays happy and healthy

What do I need to build a Chicken Coop?


The average range of backyard chicken coops cost between $300 and $2,000 to build, with most people spending around $600 for an 18sq. ft. coop with a 90-foot run to hold 6 chickens.

How many nesting boxes does a chicken need?

You need about 1 nesting box per 5 hens. Less than this and you might get some territorial issues. If you have more than this, the chickens will more than likely start using the boxes to roost and sleep in.
What do you do with chickens in the winter?

How to keep your chickens warm in winter

  1. Minimise drafts.
  2. Keep your coop well ventilated.
  3. Use the ‘Deep Litter Method’
  4. Use sunlight to trap heat.
  5. Make sure your chickens can roost.
  6. Make them a sunroom.
  7. Protect against frostbite.

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