300+ Girl Chicken Names – Cute Ideas for Naming Your Chicken

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If you are looking for new Chicken Names, then this article will be very useful to you. Not many people choose to name their chicken flock with names they think will suit them, but if you want, you are in luck because I have dug up around 100 of the best names for chickens out there! From cute Silkies to just-a-little-rooster roosters, there are some cute names in here that you will definitely find useful. There are so many names for chickens, yet if you want to get something that is unique and one-of-a-kind, you might consider something like “Bricky.”

For those of you who have heard of these names, “Girl Chicken” has a special place in your heart. The name is catchy, and it has a good appeal among the general public. It also seems appropriate for chicken pets. However, I am afraid that it might be too catchy to get you a lot of customers, so it would be better if you stick to something that is not as catchy. You know, something that is not only cute, but will also help you grow and provide for the future of your chicks.

One of the most common names for chickens that is actually very cute is “Lil Bit.” This name is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth! You might not think that having a sweet taste in your mouth can help you raise chickens, but it certainly can! Of course, you need to make sure that they are eating only the right kind of food.

“Chili Pepper” is another name for chicken, which is pretty funny too. Chicken Chickens loves spicy food. And you should feed them chicken that has been cooked in hot oil! If you are looking for a name that will give the girls a real kick, then try giving it to your chicken chicks! If you cannot do that, you can always ask the kids to help you cook it.

Another great name for chicken would be “Raccoon.” In fact, I would love to see a chicken named “Carnivorous.” These chicks are not only cute, but they also sound like a real raccoon, so I bet they have a lot of fun doing their business on your garden.

If you are more into “Astro Kitty,” there are a lot of cute names out there. The names for chickens should be different and unique, but it will not hurt you to name your chicken “Astro Kitty.” This name is also very catchy, and it actually sounds cute! They make for very good pets, if you plan to have more than just one.

The list of chicken names goes on. If you have enough time and patience, you could probably come up with your own cute ones. Just think of something different and unique, but be sure to choose one that is suitable for the type of chickens you are looking to own. After all, having cute chickens is not everything.

So, there you have it – some of the top names for chicken, so far! This is just the tip of the iceberg, of course, but that should give you some ideas to get going.

Once you get the hang of it, you can then expand your list of chicken names to include your other pets. Once you have your birds’ names down pat, you can always add on names for the other animals you have as well. As long as you remember that each pet will have its own personality, and that you will need to name each animal differently, you should have no trouble getting through the year!

Some of these animals can be difficult to handle, especially when you have a bunch of new animals in the house. And the thought of having to care for each one can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry though! This is what makes raising chickens so great!

In fact, if you want to keep things simple, you can use the same ones you already have and make it easier for yourself. Just make sure that you always include chickens when you plan to buy new poultry, because it might be difficult to find the names for all of your new pets at once.

Common Female Chicken Names

Chicken Names from Movies

Chicken Names

Funny and Unique Chicken Names

Hen Names Honoring Famous Women

Food Names for Your Chickens

Here are some cute names for your hens based on foods or food dishes. Remember, just because your hen is named after a food doesn’t mean she is food. These names can be quite punny! Especially when everybody knows you don’t eat your hens.

Names for Hens in Multiples

Sometimes you have a pair (or more) of hens that just likes to hang out together. It is only fitting that you give these girls a name that is super cute when you say them together. Here are a few ideas!

How to Choose A Name for Your Chickens

Choosing a name for your chickens should be easy. Remembering the names is the hard part! Here are some ideas to help you choose names that are both cute and that you can remember!

Choose Names Based on Color

Think of names for your hen based on color. This is much easier if you are running a mixed flock. Do you have a rhode island red hen, for example? A great name for her might be ginger. What about a white silkie? Maybe Snowball would work?

If you have many hens that are a variety of different colors, choosing names based on their color can be helpful. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Names for White Chickens

Chicken Names

Many different breeds come in pure white. These include Silkies, Rocks, Leghorns, Aracaunas, and Cochins to name a few.

Names for Black Chickens

Chicken Names

These names are prefect for hens who are all black or mostly black in color. If you have black cochins, black sex link, jersey giants or any of the many chicken breeds with all black birds, consider one of these names for your hen.

Black & White Chicken Names

Chicken Names

Do you have a barred hen? Maybe you have a breed like the Lakenvelder or a Silver Laced Wyandotte? One of my favorites is the splashed white variety of blue black splash breeds. In any case, your black and white hen deserves a name suited to her unique contrasting color. Here are some ideas for your girls to get you started.

Names for Blue Chickens

Chicken Names

Whether you have blue Americana’s or some other variety with the blue gene (I love blue black splash wyandottes), these names are perfect for girls of the blue variation!

Names for Red Hens

Chicken Names

Red is a very common color when it comes to chickens. This is the base color for Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, and even breeds like the Golden Comet and Gold Laced Wyandotte. These are some names that emphasize the red coloring in your hens.

Names for Chocolate Brown Chickens

Chicken Names

Depending on the breed, some hens are very much brown. The shades may vary from a lighter brown to a deep chocolate color. In any case, they remind me of candy. Here are some fun candy related names for your chocolate brown colored hens. Remember, these names work just as well for hens of any color!

Names for Gold or Yellow Chickens

Chicken Names

Buff colored chickens, those that are a lemony yellow or sunshine gold color are absolutely gorgeous. My favorite are buff orpingtons and buff cochins. These names are perfect for your chickens that are gold or yellow.

Choose Names Based on Personality

Every chicken farmer has his or her favorite hens. Do you have a hen that is sweet? Maybe Sweet Pea would work for her. Maybe you have a bossy hen you can call “Bossy”.

Sometimes a hens personality will help you choose a name. Of course, a lot of the time we pick names before we know their full personality. That is OK too.

Let Your Kids Pick A Favorite Chicken and Name It

In our flock, my favorite hen was named Goldie. My daughter named her favorite hen Sparkles. These two New Hampshire Red hens were super friendly and easy to spot.

When you allow members of the family to take “ownership” of one or more chickens by naming them, keeping names straight becomes a lot easier. Kids especially will generally have no problem keeping the names of their set of chickens straight.


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