6 Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks We Want to Visit

First, there was Wonderland, a Disney World-style theme park that the Chinese government promised would be “the largest amusement park in Asia.” It got built but never opened. Still, adventurous tourists journey from all over the globe to check out the ghostly remains.

We knew about other abandoned parks, like Marineland of the Pacific in Los Angeles, a Sea World-style park that was featured in everything from The Partridge Family to The A-Team. It closed in 1987 and was left abandoned for nearly 20 years. And if a beauty-conscious city like LA could have one, there had to be others.

Fortunately, through the gift that is Google, we were able to find a number of creepy examples– many of them in the United States. Seeing these images ignited our youthful imaginations, and we realized that if we wanted, we could actually travel to some of these abandoned parks and explore their empty shells for ourselves. Sure, we would possibly be arrested for it, but that’s part of the adventure.

So with that spirit of urban exploration in our hearts, won’t you join us for a look at some of our favorites?

61. Okpo Land

Located on South Korea’s tiny Geoje Island, this park has all the makings of a ghostly horror movie. One of the park’s main attractions was a duck-themed roller coaster. It’s known to have caused at least one fatality in the late 1990s, for which no compensation or apology was received, and the ride continued to operate. Then in 1999,  a cart derailed and capsized at top speed, and a young girl tragically fell to her death. The park’s owner immediately disappeared and was never heard from again; Okpo Land was closed.

According to Wikipedia (which may or may not have all the facts), in the Fall of 2011, the site was completely demolished, and there are now plans to build a hotel over the site where Okpo Land once stood. Cue Poltergeist-style music.