Dance-hall queen MzVee has refuted the suggestion that female artistes should date their managers in order for them to be managed well. This relationship, she describes,  as very unprofessional.Dating Your Manager Is Unprofessional – MzVee Replies Bulldog

The ‘Daavi’ hitmaker was reacting to a suggestion by music producer and Zylofon Media’s Bulldog. Bulldog had said that female artistes should consider dating their male managers in order to enhance their working relationship.


Bulldog told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, If you want to manage a female artiste successfully, you have to be in an emotional and sexual relationship with her.”

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However, MzVee thinks that isn’t the right thing to do. She asked, I don’t agree with that; where is all the professionalism in this? Would you say the CEO of some company has to date his workers so they stay loyal?”

Dating rumors between female artistes and their male managers have been rife in the Ghanaian entertainment industry recently. Mzvee has been rumored to be romantically involved with her manager Richie.

“It’s not a guarantee that if you get married to someone you work with it will go well; I don’t understand the idea”, she added

Dating Your Manager Is Unprofessional – MzVee Replies Bulldog

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