Drinking Games For Couples

By Delphine •  Updated: 03/01/22 •  7 min read

Boredom can kill a bond between two people. This is why playing games with your partner is definitely an incredible way to have some fun while killing boredom.

It’s time to forget about candle-light dinner on weekends and get yourself in some incredible drinking games for couples. 

Drinking games are fun and exciting and they are an incredible way to get your partner hooked up with you. 

Boredom usually kills a bond. Thus, try out these 20 drinking games for couples and have fun!

It’s important to note that for new relationships, drinking games meant for couples are a way to get to know and understand each other better while for old relationships,  it’s a good way to spark things up. 

We have compiled a list of fun drinking games for couples. These games will make you two enjoy each other’s company. 

Let’s dive in !

1. Flip Cup

When it comes to the Flip Cup game, you have to pour any drink of your choice into plastic cups and then place them on opposite ends of the table.

You have to make sure that the amount of liquor in each glass is the same. Once this is established, each player then drinks the alcohol, puts the glass back on the table and then flips the glass upside down.

To determine the winner, the first person who gets the correct measure of liquor in minimum attempts will win the game. 

You can repeat this by increasing the number of shots each player must take before they flip the glass. This is a good drinking game for a nice couple date. 

2. Battle Shots

To play battle shots,  you can either build the board yourself or purchase it. 

The procedure is as follows; 

Get a piece of paper and draw a 7×7 grid on it. 

Mark the rows numerically and the columns alphabetically.( This will enable you to have an alphanumeric name for each box. For example, the top left box is A1)

Once this is ready, you can now place your “boats” on the grid. It’s important to note that three Xs are for the battleship,  two are for the destroyer and one for the submarine. 

It is your duty to ensure that your partner doesn’t know where the Xs are. Always remember that one X represents one shot. 

Each of you will then take turns in guessing where your partner’s battle shots are. You will take a shot once your partner hits an X.   The first person to sink all their opponent’s boats is the winner. The loser must then drink all the remaining shots. 

3 . Russian Roulette

To play this game, you have to take a lot of shot glasses. Fill one with alcohol and the remaining glasses with water. 

The next step is to shuffle all the glasses to the point where you will be able to determine which is water and which is alcohol. Both of you have to start drinking it in turns. 

The person who gets the alcohol has to perform a dare. You can opt to increase the number of glasses with alcohol. 

It’s important to note that if the drink is gin or any other colourless alcoholic I spirit, you should go in for dark shot glasses. 

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4.  Going To The Bar

This game starts with the statement, “I’m going to the bar to get…”  and you then add any drink of your choice. 

Your partner will then repeat the same sentence and then add a drink of their choice. 

You repeat this until one of you makes a mistake and has to take a shot. 

5. Straight Face

If you are a natural at keeping a straight face, you will easily win this game. 

You have to take a lot of paper chits and write funny or sometimes naughty sentences on them. 

You then put them into a bowl. The two of you have to pick the paper chits in turns and read them out loud. 

The catch in this game is, you have to at all times keep a straight face while doing it.  You are not permitted to show any  expression of any kind be it grimace, laugh or wince. 

5. Two Truths And One Lie

Two Truths And One Lie Save

This couple drinking game is very good for those in new relationships.  It requires revealing facts about yourself to your partner and as such, you will get to know a lot about your partner and vice versa. 

To play this game,  you have to start by telling your partner three things about  yourself out of which two are true and one is a lie. 

Your partner has to guess which one of the three is the truth and which is not. You have to serve your partner a drink for every wrong answer and you have to take a shot for every right answer. 

6. Naughty Jenga

Naughty Jenga is the naughtier version of the regular Jenga.  This makes it perfect for couples who want to rediscover the excitement in their relationship. 

You start the game by pulling out blocks in turns. These boards need to have tasks and body parts written on them. 

You then have to perform these tasks with the body parts written on the boards. If you fail to perform, then you have to take a shot and if you topple over the tower, you have to take two shots. 

7.  Truth Or Dare Or Drink

This is a popular game and adding liquor to it makes it more fun. This game is another good way to know more about your partner. 

There are two ways to play this game :

You can start this game by playing only the “truth “part. The person who refuses to answer any of the personal questions asked shall drink. This game will eventually bring you two closer. 

You can also choose to play the “dare”part only. 

You can both do the dares in turns and the one who refuses to, will have to take a drink. 

8.  Pizza Box

This is another interesting couple drinking game you can play with your partner. 

You can start by emptying a pizza box or a large sheet of paper. Draw a circle of any size and write a rule within the circle. Go ahead to toss a coin on it. 

Your partner should follow suit. If the coin lands within the circle, they have to do whatever is written on it. 

As a couple, you can make up naughty rules for a romantic time. 

9. You Laugh, You Lose

This is a funny couple drinking game. It involves downloading a lot of funny videos but it must be noted that the person who downloads the videos is not supposed to see them before playing the game. 

This game is usually played after having 1-2 shots to increase the fun. You can start by playing the funny videos and whoever fails to control their laughter first, loses and has to take a shot.

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Drinking games for couples are exciting and fun. They are easy to organize and most importantly, they can be played in the privacy of your home. If there’s a loss of spark in your relationship,  you can trust a couple drinking games, especially to revive it.  

It’s important to note that as long as you know your limits, these games are for you to have some fun and spend quality time together.  

Always remember to drink responsibly when playing couple drinking games otherwise, you will end up too drunk and unable to enjoy the games with your loved one.