Dzidu is an artiste from the Volta Region of Ghana, though not very popular, he has some hot tracks which you will enjoy listening to. His latest music video titled ‘Dinava’ which translates to ‘Come Down’ is something extraordinary.

The music video is an inspirational tune which addreses the issue of how people are being looked down upon due to their position in life and tend to accuse them of using black magic or involving in illegal activities because they have ended up making it.

Most parts of the song is in Ewe language and but it has won the hearts of even those who don’t understand the Ewe language because of the locations the video was shot at. The music video is a complete tourism of some tourist attractions in the Volta Region.

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He used two major tourist attractions in the Volta Region, one being Mountain Afadzato which is the tallest Mountain in Ghana and Kpando Grotto which are all tourist attractions in the Volta Region and he deserves all the praise for promoting tourism in his music video.



If you have ever been to Mountain Afadzato like myself , you will know it’s not easy climbing such a Mountain and even shooting a music video with all such tools. I say the director and the crew deserve some applause for such a classic video.

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