Easy Things for Kids to Draw

easy things for kids to draw

There are plenty of easy things for kids to draw. Art takes a lot of practice, so it’s good to start from an early age! Not only that, it can be a pretty fun activity to do when you’re bored or have nothing else to do. Easy drawing for kids at that early age will train their brains to be superstars.


Many easy drawing for kids can be broken down into simple shapes, and this is a very useful trick to use when teaching younger people to draw. You can build pictures out of all the shapes that they’ve come to know! Circles, triangles, and squares are the three most commonly occurring in art.


This is because they are simply and have specific characteristics and meanings that come across when using them, even if you don’t realize. A circle is a friendly shape, a square is a dependable and stable shape, and a triangle is an aggressive and active shape.


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But these are not the only shapes that you have to use. There are many shapes that are easy for kids and beginning artists to draw.

Using this idea, it can be simple to make your own step-by-step directions for children to draw. Think of a way to put shapes together to make a picture. This being said, there are also a lot of step-by-step drawings that you can find on the internet.

Some great places to look for things like these are pinterest and vibelens.com. There may also be books with step-by-step drawing tutorials in a local library.

Things for Kids to Draw


Many kids really enjoy drawing animals and bugs. Some simple things that they could draw can include a bee, a mouse, an elephant, a giraffe or many other animals. The best animals for children to draw are the strange ones with easily identifiable features.

Draw a Mouse

 draw a mouse

Having such outstanding characteristics will make it much easier to recreate in a drawing. The long trunk and big ears of an elephant, for example, are the main focus points of an elephant and they are fairly simple to draw.

Draw an Elephant

draw a an elephant

Sangria characters are also good things for kids to draw. They are built out of very simple shapes that are easy to copy. There are plenty of cute characters that both boys and girls can enjoy, most of which are already animals to begin with.


Draw a Rabbit

draw a mouse

As for faces, there are many, many, many different ways to draw a face. They come in all different shapes and sizes! Everyone has a unique face all to themselves. There’s a different way to draw eyes, noses, lips, ears, eyebrows, and just about anything on someone’s face. You can go crazy!

Drawing a Human Face

Image result for draw a human face

Any good face starts out with a circle. Next, you will draw a line in the middle of the circle from the top, then make it as long as you’d like the face to be. Then, you draw how you want to cheeks to shaped on either side of the line. The chin will end at where the line ends.

Types of Human Faces to Draw

Image result for draw a human face

Next, you can erase the extra lines inside of the head. Next, you will want to make the guidelines for where you want the eyes, nose, and mouth to be. This will help you figure out the spacing that you want the face to have.


After this, you can make all of these features! You can make them in any kind of shape that you want. You can make them big or small, thin or thick, round or sharp. It’s all up to you!


Once you’ve finished all of this, you can draw the eyebrows on top of the eyes. Finally, you can draw the ears on either side of the head and finish it off with the hair. You can anything else you want to the face, too! Like glasses, braces, freckles, dimples, pimples, and anything else you can think of! It’s all up to you what you want the face to look like.


When it comes to things to draw when you are bored, it’s best to think of something you really like. It’s always fun to draw things that you enjoy. For me, I rather enjoy drawing people and characters that I have made myself. Other people might like to draw their favorite animal, cartoon or video game character, or their favorite flower. There are lots of fun things to draw when you’re bored!


You can learn a lot from copying step-by-step drawings and they can be very fun to do! But this isn’t something you should continue doing if you wish to improve your skills when drawing. It is better to draw from your mind using your own ideas and reference of how the things your are trying to draw.


It’s okay to not like the things you draw. This is a problem that many artists have to struggle with daily. Unfortunately, this is something that might never go away. It is important to remember that just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean no one else will.
Drawing can be a bit difficult when you are first starting out, but it gets better the more you do it. The more often you draw, the more trained your eyes and hands will become. This makes your lines smoother and your drawings neater and easier to identify.


Just like other skills, drawing takes time improve. You can’t expect to be very good right from the beginning, though some people are naturally better from the start than others. You will have to practice for a while before you start to feel like you are getting any better.


But, easy things to draw for beginners can just be anything in particular when starting out as an artist. You can just make shapes or scribble things down on paper. Surreal and shapeless art is a very good starting point in art for many kids.

drawing hapeless art

You can just give them a crayon, pencil, or paint and let them scribble and splash all over the paper as they please. It can get them used to making things before they start practicing with step-by-step drawings made by your or someone else. Just let them make whatever they want!

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