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This compilation of 500+ Easy Things To Draw That Look Hard When You are Bored or Sad consist of Things To Draw When bored etc.


Sometimes there are times when it looks like the time has just stopped and things are beginning to move slowly. Sometimes if you are a student, you can be in class and a long boring class or lectures seems not to come to an end. When at the workplace and all needed to be done is done, nothing else to do, it is just as boring as the cemetery.


When this happens, all you have to do is get yourself a book or sheet of paper and starting drawing these 100+ easy things to draw when bored or betterstill easy things to draw when sad.


 Draw Your Favorite Pet.

easy things to draw

Pets are fun to be with. Especially at the moment when you are at home and you feel alone, you can relate with your pet and play with this. You can start drawing your pet when you are are feeling bored. This can make you happy and occupy that long space making the world bored for you. When you look at these Easy Things To Draw When Sad and you actually draw one, happiness will be your friend

 Draw Your Favorite Fruit.

easy things to draw

One way or the other, there might be a particular fruit you love eating. Just get your pencil or pen and start sketching that fruit on paper. By the time you will realize, you are fine. Just get busy with this act. It is cool.

Just Draw Anything.

easy things to draw

At times, even when you are bored and then d