Fella Makafui has announced her soon time marriage in a nice way.

The Yolo star posted a picture of herself on Instagram and claimed a guy has stolen her heart and she wants a way to pay him back. According to her, she believes the only revenge is taking the unknown guy’s last name.

She wrote:

“He stole my heart so i am planning a revenge…. I am going to take his last name… ..”

This post has geared up series of comments under her post as sighted by Vibelens.com, people have however concluded that the guy is very lucky for Fella paying back with his last name.

joselucas.pbs: “Your getting married?”

perp_kay: “Wedding bells.”

seidurashidatu35: “Who stole your heart.”

hanarshberri: “Lol that’s the best revenge….. @fellamakafui tell me who’s your revenge planner?”

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edjustdrive: “God is good…”

705events: “Congrats.,please sist that your event coming up soon, i mean your wedding because as he stole your heart your revenge is to seal the deal ,please let me plan and coordinate the revenge game. I am doing it for free and you will see for yourself how good I know my job. Please grant me this opportunity to showcase my talent. Thanks. @fellamakafui”

olori_awolowo: “This is caption! Are u cooking something @fellamakafui wedding bell is ringing.”

agemanray4388: “A subtle hint? What took him so long ? You’re such a sweetheart .”

iam_jstorm: “Dat revenge is on a Damn lucky guy!!!”

Her followers have proved that, their only wish is for her to get married as announced and they have wished her well on her revenge game.

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