Here Is What You Should Know About The Most Expensive Shoe In The World

Never will I imagine myself spending $150 dollars to buy a footwear, not even when I’m the son of the world’s richest man. However , some people can spend any amount of money just to get their desired footwear.

I recently found out that this pair of shoes right below is selling for $17 million dollars. Oh yea! You read it right, a whopping $17 million dollars.

Most Expensive Shoe In The World


The shoes are being called the “most expensive in the world,” and the shoes are being housed at the Burj Arab Hotel in Dubai, which is referred to as the world’s only 7-star hotel. So if you want to spend about $1,350 a night on a room there, you can ~maybe~ see these shoes in person.

Here’s what someone thinks about the shoes

Most Expensive Shoe In The World

Most Expensive Shoe In The World

Would you $17 million for these gold pumps with more than 100 carats of flawless diamonds, set in a white gold trim?

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