Slay queen and Instagram model, Moesha Buduong keeps teasing her fans with hot videos and pictures since she travelled to the states for vacation.

She has once again been captured in a hot video putting her all assets in display for some attention. In the video she was advertising a makeup she claims was done by self.

“Face beat my me thank u @divinecaseygh for teaching me how to wear make up u will not chop my money again and registration for make up class is still in progress.”

Aside her makeups, she also advertised her melons which looked like they had some oil robbed around them, one can’t tell if the camera accidentally captured her melons but her melons has caught much attention than the makeup she did.

Moesha Boduong Struggles To Use Fork And Knife At A Restaurant

Some followers have praised her for putting her oily melons on display and others have hit the nail hard on her head for showing those melons.

Recently, the actress who is best known for showing skin in pictures was in the news for saying she is young to get married because she wants to enjoy life before getting locked up by one man. This comment came after fans wanted when she was getting married as Becca did.