Here’s How an Orphaned Elephant Calf Found a New Family

Out in the wild, elephants depend on the safety of numbers for survival. Elephant herds provide protection for its members, especially for its newborn elephants who need help with everything. So, when this baby elephant was abandoned by his “family,” his future looked terribly bleak.

But fate had something else in store for this young elephant that no one could have predicted. And it involved an unlikely and heartwarming friendship that would give the newborn elephant a new lease on life.

36Orphaned Elephant Calf

When South African wildlife rescuers found the newborn elephant all by himself in the wild, he was in critical condition. It was truly a miracle that he had even managed to survive for days on his own.

Luckily, the wildlife rescuers were fiercely determined to nurse the baby elephant back to good health. But they would also soon learn that sometimes the best medicine is simply having companionship—even if it comes from an unusual source.