Do you have a low budget or you want something less expensive for this coming Christmas like a Christmas tree. Then this is the time to think about ‘Paper Christmas Tree.’

This is a simple way of getting your own Christmas tree without much expenses.
Gather your materials. Get yourself a construction paper in any color of your choice, scissors, a marker, clear tape, glitter, stickers, ribbon, colored paper, confetti and a craft glue.

Out of the construction paper, cut two identical tree shapes and join them together by folding it half way. Use a marker to draw a half-tree shape outside the paper and cut along the lines drawn through the sheets. The result of this will be an identical tree shapes.

Make a clean cut through the tree shapes for joining them together. Look for a vertical center of each paper tree by folding it half vertically, then lightly mark it. Finally, cut it through in one tree from top down to the center marked then vice versa.

Join the two shapes and get your tree. Move the two pieces slowly together to match the middle. To hold all firmly, use small piece of clear tape to hold it. Then open your paper tree so it stands on its own.

The time is due to have fun decorating your room without any debt or stress. Get ready for compliments from your guests and prepare yourself for a beautiful and inexpensive festive and colorful atmosphere at home.