How To Put Light On Christmas Tree The Easy Way

How To Put Light On Christmas Tree The Easy Way. Christmas without the famous Christmas Tree could be a dull moment. When lights are attached to them, it even makes it the yuletide even more exciting. For this reason, we are going to teach you how to put lights on these adorable trees in four simple steps.

As far as some people are concerned going about this chore is cumbersome because it requires a great deal of patience and time. Don’t worry, this tutorial is very simple and we hope you can do it all by yourself.

How To Put Light On Christmas Tree

Step 1 ..Depending on how wide / full your tree is, artificial or real, divide it into fourths (quadrants). Think front, two sides, and back. If your tree is really wide, divide it into fifths or even sixths.

Step 2 ..Take an extension cord, and run it from your wall outlet to a space close to the back center of your tree.

Step 3 ..Plug your first set of lights into the extension cord, and work the lights from the back of the tree to the tree’s Front Bottom, quadrant 1. Only working on the front quadrant, start stringing your lights in and out of the branches, zigzagging back and forth, slowly working to the tree’s top.

As needed, add a second or even third set of lights to the end of the set you just placed on the tree, until you completely light that one side. Follow the instructions on the lighting package, as to how many sets of light you can connect end-to-end.

There are only so many sets of lights that can be connected end-to-end at one time without causing the fuses in the plugs to blow. The reason for this is because the electrical wires between the lights are thin, and can’t take the strain of trying to pull too much electricity through all those feet of cord.

Have your lights lit when placing them on the tree, that way you can easily see that they are evenly distributed.

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Step 4 ..When it comes to putting lights on the sides and back of your tree (quadrants 2, 3, and 4), insert the first plug of the first string of lights for that side, into the first plug that you initially added to the electrical lead, when you started putting lights on the front of the tree (look at the illustration).

so there you have it, How To Put Light On Christmas Tree The Easy Way.

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