To some of us, throwing away a garment with ink stains becomes our first option. However, with these simple steps we have sampled for you, your garment can literally be brought back to life and of course bring back the smile on your face.

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Follow These Steps

1. Buffer with clean fabric

Buffer with clean fabric pics

Place a clean cloth underneath the stain so that it doesn’t seep through to any other layers.

2. Dab glycerin on the stain with a cotton swab

Dab glycerin for ink stains
Using a cotton swab, apply glycerin (available at most pharmacies) to the stain, gently rubbing it in. If you can’t find glycerin, hair spray also does the trick.

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3. Apply a gentle detergent

detergent photos
In a bowl, mix a small amount of water with a few drops of gentle laundry detergent. Apply to stain with a cotton swab, and rub fabric to gently lather.


4. Machine wash the item in cold water

washing machine photos
Toss your stained garment in the wash on a cold water cycle using an enzyme-based laundry soap (most standard detergents are enzyme-based).

Tip: Make sure the garment is stain-free before you transfer it to the dryer; heat will set the ink stains.

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