Did you know you can simply save those interesting pictures, videos and memes your friends post on their whatsapp status without installing a third party app on your smartphone?

Sometimes, you’ll ask a friend to send you what they posted on their whatsapp status and they’ll be like, send them data first, well, it’s soo annoying.

Installing third-party apps just to save a whatsapp status which you like is just a waste of time and your storage space, so how do you save whatsapp statuses to your gallery without using a third-party app?

Interested in the simple trick? Ok here’s how to go about saving those whatsapp statuses to your gallery.

1. Open your internal file manager/my files

2. Go to your file manager settings and select “show hidden files.”

3. Open the Whatsapp folder, if you’re using whatsapp business, then open that one.

4. Open Media folder

5. Locate the folder named ‘.Statuses‘ and you’ll have all the statuses you viewed within 24hrs saved in it.

6. Move the ones you want to save to your desired folder, it’s as simple as that.

Remember, the pictures and videos you see in the ‘.Statuses‘ folder will erase themselves after 24hrs so do copy or move the ones you want to your desired folder before the 24hrs expire.

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