It has been published on several blogs that Mzvee said in an interview that she’s a virgin but the singer has come out to debunk the publications. According to MzVee, she has never said on any media platform that she is still a virgin and asked people to disregard such false publications.

The talented Ghanaian female dancehall artiste, was quoted to have said in an interview in 2016 that she’s still a virgin and has never slept with any man before.

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Speaking on Accra-based Hitz FM recently, MzVee clarified that she has never said on any media platform that she is a virgin. The singer confirmed that although she has said a lot of things during her media interviews, she does not remember ever saying that she is a virgin.

She also added that her virginity was not of importance and therefore she will not comment on it.

The beautiful singer also disclosed that she has been in some relationships in the past but she’s been single for over 5 years now.