6 Islands in Australia for Holidays

We all deserve greate Holidays after working so hard.  When searchin for holiday destionations. If you are not sure where to visit with your love ones , our tavel guide should help you pick a great destination for the Holiday.

We have 6 Islands in Australia for Holidays you won’t regret visiting and our you can get amazing cheap flights on our partner’s booking platform. Why are we recommending Islands in Australia for Holidays ? Islands are great places to relax and plan for the next days ahead of you.

Islands in Australia have different physical features like mountains in autralia, lakes, rivers, and many others. Islands in Australia vegetation can be very interesting if you take the time to study it. Generaly island is smaller landmass surrounded by water so you meet many people there, it is such good holiday hideout

 1.  Flinders Island
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Flinders Island, the greatest Island in the world. this Island is part of the state of Tasmania, Australia where you can experience a gothic landscape of rain clouds and brooding mountains and take pleasure in the heavily-wooded wilderness. For lovers of the outdoors, it is a remarkable source of natural beauty. The light here is amazingly clear and the island is reputed to have the cleanest air in the world.

With nearly 37% of the island designated as reserves, national parks, and World Heritage Sites, Ta is well known as the the natural state.

2. Kangaroo Island
islands in australia for holidays

Kangaroo Island is a pristine wilderness – a place that has offered protection to substantial populations of native Australian animals, a place of beauty and a place of escape. Kangaroo Island (or ‘KI’ as the locals call it) is also big and surprisingly diverse.

You’ll find soaring cliffs, dense bush land, towering sand dunes, wetlands and massive arcs of bone white beach. A BIG Island – as the third largest island off the coast of mainland Australia, Kangaroo Island is more than a day-trip destination. Kangaroo Island’s remoteness and isolation has created a special environment and many of Australia’s pests and diseases are not found here.

3. Fraser Island
islands in australia for holidays

It is a heritage-listed island located along the south coast of Queensland, Australia and the largest sand island in the world but Australia’s sixth largest island.

The island has rain forests, mangrove forests, and coastal heaths. Fraser Island is home to a small number of mammal species, as well as a diverse range of birds, reptiles and amphibians, including the occasional saltwater crocodile. The island is protected in the Great Sandy National Park. The island became known as Fraser due to the stories of a shipwreck survivor named Eliza Fraser.

Today the island is a popular tourism destination. This Island is known for its role as a “Natural attraction.

4. Heron Island

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If you’re a nature lover, Heron Island really is a special place. It’s a natural coral cay 89 kms off the coast of Queensland, so it’s not just another resort near the Great Barrier Reef, it’s the premier resort on the Great Barrier Reef. You don’t have to take any special boat trips to experience this wonder of the world.

The reef, with a myriad of colorful coral and reef fish, is right here, at your fingertips, right off the beach. It is not just another resort near the Great Barrier Reef, it’s the premier resort on the Great Barrier Reef.

You don’t have to take any special boat trips to experience this wonder of the world. The reef, with a myriad of colorful coral and reef fish, is right here, at your fingertips, right off the beach. In the crystal clear aquamarine waters surrounding the island, stunning coral gardens and sea creatures great and small flourish in abundance and color.

They make Heron Island an easy holiday choice for divers and swimmers. Heron Island has a resident population of around 4000 turtles, who live on Heron reef all year, so you can expect to see turtles in the water anytime you visit.

5. Hamilton Island
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Hamilton Island is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia. Hamilton Island has won multiple awards including the Australian Travelers’ Most Desirable Island Escape’ Award in 2015. Hamilton Island is a popular tourist destination all year round.

Unlike most islands off the east coast of Australia, Hamilton Island is used almost exclusively for tourism. Each year, Hamilton Island hosts approximately 500 wedding ceremonies.

There are over 10 ceremony locations and 15 reception venues available on Hamilton Island for weddings. The island has its own non-denominational church, the All Saints Chapel, and it is just one of the many ceremony venues available.

Day trips to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park from Hamilton Island are provided by Cruise Whitsundays and Explore. Visitors can catch glimpses of migrating whales as they make their way through the warm waters of the Whitsundays from July through September each year.

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6. Rottnest Island
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This Island is 18 kilometers off the coast of Western Australia. With 63 beaches, Rottnest Island is a great destination for water sports, including swimming, surfing, fishing, etc. An Island Explorer bus provides an easy and convenient way to get from beach to bay, with day, weekend and holiday passes available.

There is also a Discovery Bus Tour, which loops around the island in 90 minutes while guides give an insight into the island’s cultural and historical heritage. Rottnest Island is known globally as the home of the cutest and most photogenic animal in the world, the quokka. Apart from a small colony on the mainland, they are found nowhere else on Earth. The island was even named after these little animals by the first Dutch explorers to the region.

The island is a car-free zone, and the best way to get around is by bicycle, which can be hired through the ferry company or once you’re on the Island.