Broken hearted Juliet Ibrahim has given up on letting any man chop her and says until the man puts a ring on her finger, there’s no chopping of her pumpum.

Adding that, her body is not a lending machine and therefore nobody should bother coming to chop her just like that. Her message seems to have come as a result of her broken relationship with Iceberg Slim and she is indirectly asking other guys who have their eyes on her to back off.

Juliet looks like she is fed up with hit and run ‘niggers’ and has therefore decided to put password on her ‘thing’ till further notice.

She took to her Instagram page to share a picture of herself and with caption:

Girls Should Take Money Before Giving Their Boyfriend Se.x - Juliet Ibrahim


“Abstaining from s3x, gotta zen my body. I ain’t giving you, so don’t ask, I don’t lend my body. Gotta be king status to give a man my body. Hell yeah, Cus a Queen is what I embody.”



Over to you guys, if you want to chop Juliet Ibrahim, better know how to unlock her, simply go and see her parents and put a ring on that finger.