Kwaku Manu Just Said Something About Christianity And Lots Of People Won’t Be Happy About It


Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has blamed Ghana’s retarded growth on religion, particularly Christianity and he has therefore called on Ghanaians to ‘open their eyes’ to detect the fake prophets in the system so we can move forward as a country.

The Kumawood actor is of the opinion that most citizens are using the Bible to commit various atrocious deeds in the country which needs to be taken care of by leaders of the country. The renowned actor revealed this when he appeared on the Delay Show hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay.

“You see Ghana, our biggest problem is the fact that we are a Christian country. A lot of people have taken the bible and they are using it for various atrocious deeds in the country. There are a lot of pretenders in the country. Some people can pretend to be God sent and Men of God when in actual sense they are not men of God.”

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Considering the fact that Ghanaians are so ‘religious-blinded’ as I term it, it won’t come as a surprise if several Ghanaians blast the actor for his humble opinion. I believe his assertion has element of truth it it and it’s high time we changed our attitude so that fake men of God don’t insult our intelligence with their modus operandi.

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