In 2017, Mobile network operator, MTN Ghana recorded an increase in revenue of 23.3% as compared to that of 2016 which means the company’s total revenue soared to GH3.4 billion in 2017 as compared to GH2.77 billion revenue recorded in 2016.

Indeed, MTN Mobile Money is so pervasive that people expect you to have an account. If you don’t, you’re seen as an oddball. How dare you fly in the face of the digital world?

But if you’re one of the few people in who don’t have an MTN Mobile Money account, then I will advice you not to even dream of going to register for it, as a matter of fact, I’ve stopped using MTN Mobile Money and all their services.

Most people are already withdrawing all their money because the service is no more safe and reliable as projected by the company and it’s time to take that bold step and move away from MTN Mobile Money. If you still have an account, it’s time to take a long look in the mirror. It might be time for you to stop using MTN Mobile Money.

Here are some of the reasons why I stopped using the service and why you should also stop using it if you cherish your money.

#1. MTN Mobile Money Is Not Reliable

Why do I think the service is not reliable when one can just withdraw and send money withing 30 seconds anywhere they find themselves, especially when it’s an emergency.

If you have never experienced it before, then probably your time hasn’t come yet but I’ve countless times experienced problems with MTN Mobile Money services. I usually save money in their Yello Save feature and mostly when I want to withdraw my money, I’ll be told the service is having an issue and I should contact the service provider.

I’ll call MTN Ghana customer care and the only answer I’ll get is I should wait because they are having issues with their network, meaning I can’t withdraw my own money whenever I need it which is a total turn off.

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Why should I have to wait hours or even days when I want to withdraw money from my own personal account, especially when it’s an emergency. To add to the woes, this doesn’t happen with only the Yello Save feature, it happens with the Mobile Money itself and it leaves me to wonder why someone would want to continue saving their money with a company which is not reliable.

#2. Deposit Issues Each And Every Month If Not Every Week

I don’t know if I’m the only one who experiences this problem anytime I want to withdraw or deposit money into my Yello Save account on MTN Mobile Money.

The last time I tried depositing money into my Yello Save Account, I received a message that: “The deposit of 100 to your yello save account failed. The transaction will be reversed”.

Meanwhile the money has been deducted from my MTN Mobile Money account and as at the time of writing this post, I called their customer care number twice and I’ve been told to wait and that the money will be refunded back into my account, over 12 hours since I made the transaction.

Now if someone wants to deposit money into their account and the transfer doesn’t go through, why can’t the money be reversed back to the source but the person has to wait for hours before the money will be reversed back to his or her account.

Should the person wait and even call customer care before they get a refund of their own money? What if the person doesn’t call to report the problem, does that mean the person’s money will not be refunded as stated in the message above?

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I’m not trying to spoil MTN Ghana but it’s a fact that they are no more a reliable service provider in Ghana. The worse of all is when you call their customer care, they’ll ask you lots of questions and at they end, they’ll still ask you to go to their nearest office to get the issue solve, that’s if they even answer your call.

You can call MTN Ghana customer care several times in a day and if they answer your call, then it’s your lucky day and it’s really appaling for a service provider to treat their customers like trash, very appalling and I doubt if the same thing thing happens in other countries in which they operate.

MTN Ghana’s leadership seems to recognize the problem but doesn’t seem to be ready to put in measures to stop some of the issues if not all. MTN Mobile Money and their services sounds promising, but we all know MTN Ghana will never again be the network it used to be back in their early days when they took over Spacefon. Maybe you should try a different network with a tightly knit group instead.

If after making all these increase in revenue and they still can’t give their customers a better and reliable service, then it’s time to ditch them and move on to a better network, after all, they are not the only network that provides mobile money services in Ghana.

Isn’t It Time to Stop Using MTN MOBILE MONEY?

I’ve looked at only two reasons why you should stop using MTN Mobile Money today, and we’ve not even touched on the more obvious issues like fraud and charges on mobile money transactions “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality that the network helps to propagate.

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