Man of God Says Praying N@ked Is Sinful And His Reason Will Shock 


Christianity is fraught with lot of fragments, all built on different doctrines and ideologies. That’s why you find varying practices and customs reflecting the different churches we have.

On the subject of prayer, there are different doctrines espousing what one should do to draw God’s attention. Well, there have been many Christians who say there’s efficacy in praying naked at odd hours.

But according to this Nigerian evangelist identified as Ben Dzwa, that practice is unholy because it’s equal to seduction. He took to the Facebook platform to address the issue, stating why he feels it is wrong.

In his words: “Praying Naked? It’s unscriptural, it’s more of witchcraft. Is like trying to seduce God to answer you, Ish!”

What’s your take on this subject?

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