Every day, new talents are discovered and their handiworks are a sight to behold judging by their matchless level of imagination and creativity.

We are Vibelens.com have chanced upon a young talented Nigerian boy who has channeled all his energies into creating breathtaking art. Kareem Waris Olamilekan, a young and talented artist caught the eye of Vibelens.com and we decided to share his story with you.

One of the many hyperrealistic drawings that have gained the young artist international attention which he calls “Daily Bread.” He says it represents his family, who works hard before they put food in their mouths. “The sweat on it symbolizes hard work and struggling … and the spoon symbolizes food.”

Olamilekan began drawing at the age of 6 and works to perfect his skills at the Ayowole Academy of Arts in Lagos.

According to him, he gets artistic inspiration from his friends, family, and members of his community, drawing realistic portraits from real life models, photographs, and illustrations.

Happy birthday to the governor of Lagos State @akinwunmiambode


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His art teacher has called him “the Da Vinci of Nigeria,” though Olamilekan says his artistic idols are Michelangelo and Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley, who draws incredibly hyperrealistic portraits.

Am back on instagram. Pencil art #hyperrealism #waspa …It's in me

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He wowed French president Emmanuel Macron by drawing his portrait in two hours when Macron visited Fela Kuti’s New Africa Shrine, an open-air entertainment center in Lagos, in early July 2018.

Macron was moved by the gift. He shared a short video of their meeting on Twitter, writing, “Very touched, congratulations to this young boy!”

He’s worked hard to perfect his skills, but Olamilekan clearly has significant innate ability. We can ask why that is and what makes him different from others his age, but such questions never have straightforward answers. Perhaps it’s enough just to enjoy and appreciate his gifts, bask in the mystery and wonder of it all, and look forward to whatever comes next from this young talent.

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