Meet The Toddler Who Was Born With 4 Large Holes In Her Heart


A toddler has miraculously survived after she was born with four holes in her heart. Mila Kerr was born with 4 large holes in her heart and everyone including doctors thought she would die but she’s still alive and healthy.

When she was born, she underwent surgery and the surgeons managed to close one of the holes but unfortunately were unable to close the 3 others. The surgeons however decided to tie a rubber band around her pulmonary artery to stem blood flow to the lungs.


Her mother, Michelle Haley said:

“She is my biggest inspiration. I can hardly get over how she can be so sweet despite everything she has been though. It’s a miracle.”


Mila went through a number of life-saving surgeries and over a year since she was born, she’s living a normal life.

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Mila’s mum and dad simply can’t express their joy as their little daughter has put a new smile on their face.