Men have finally accepted the fact that they fall in love with the curves of women and not her soul. We have got reasons why men are attracted by curves.

1. It has been discovered that, wider hips comes with fertility in women usually.

Specifically the hips and waist are the most attractive part men desire. One would ask why does these areas move men? According to science, wider hips makes childbirth easier and wider hips are found in women with curves.

2. Men believe that, curvy women look more feminine than women with flat backside.

Big backside women look attractive and men can’t take their eyes off them. They have been brought up to believe that a bigger body mass is something feminine


3. The obsession with “back and front”.

The idea of a curvy woman is firmly grounded in the belief that “bigger is better”. So for instance, a bigger bosom and a bigger behind are rated highly by men. There is also an expectation of bodily parts to be in proportion to each other. For most men, it is only fair that the business in the “front” matches the business in the “back”.

4.Curvy women with lot of hair on their head also attract men.

A woman’s beauty depends on her hair and men have decided to choose such women with curves to complete their beauty. They however see such women as classic.

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