Mini Trampoline Games for Kids 2021

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Trampoline is one of the best ways of playing especially for kids which also helps kid fitness in lots of ways. Trampoline is now become important part of game and everyone has in its backyard Right? So what are some Best Trampoline Games kids can play and enjoy. Stick to this article we will see these things in details right here.

Trampoline Games

  1. Ring Around the Rosy

This is the very old and famous game of trampoline. The group of kids forms a circle and decides how to play. It consist of ver few steps.

This game trampoline is very interesting and very loving for all. It consist of few steps

This game is also interesting one. Kids are inside the trampoline and start jumping on and the surface are wet usually. They wear a particular dress to play this game.

One person spary everyone and put sprinkler under the trampoline.

This is very interesting and easy one but sometime dangerous. Kids usally jump with water balloons. Balloons are inside the trampoline and when it get explode all the surface get wet.

The fun cannot describe in words but sometimes it might get dangerous because of slippery and not landing properly while jumping. That’s why this is dangerous and plays under supervision of elders.

This is my favourite fun games to play on a trampoline I remember this game and I used to play when I was kid. This game consists of few steps.

This is also very famous trampoline games for kids. All the kids sits on the edges. One by one  kid get to the center and perform one trick. Then second kid goes and add one trick to the last one.

Third kid goes add own with rest of the two. Fourth goes add one with rest of three. The one who mashes the trick or break the sequence get out of the game.

It sounds like funny but believe me this is more funnier than it sounds. Suppose kids were inside the trampoline and playing game.

One kid start chanting War. Then all start jumping with butt bounce and has to land with feet. The one who get land twice on fit gets out of the game.

This game is hell. One of the best games I played ever. This game is outdoor trampoline for kids and gives a lot of fun.

This game has lot of fun and my favorite one also.

  1.    Chalk Drawing

This is very easy game and small kid use to do.  You can draw things on trampoline and play accordingly. You can make this game like the target practice.

The chalk symbol easily gets removed by water so there is no need of extra cure and you can use chalk drawing for jumping and targeting purpose.

Trampoline Games Precautions

Game is fun but at the same time if it not done under correct supervision it is dangerous too. Similarly cricket is a very good sport but if we won’t pad up and wear helmet we can die also.

So some precautions we should take while playing trampoline games.

While jumping you should see how kid or player jump. Make sure it jump one at a time otherwise if they get collide they can fall in different way which may cause injury.

Always jump under proper guidance and supervision.

Make sure to remove ladder when trampoline is not in use. Otherwise if kid gets on trampoline without you knowing they I cannot even imagine what will happen. So always remove ladder when not in use.

All players jump under supervision but kids are especially gets more supervised. If kid is a beginner try to teach him by showing steps. Try to send him alone so that they won’t copy anyone and try short move and jump.

Always check pads and invest on high quality pads. Make sure every pads is padded sufficiently so that to damage occur. Don’t save money while purchasing pads.


Thank you so much for reading this article.  I hope trampoline games for kids article helps you and get to learn more about games. I hope you enjoyed the article and always remember safety comes first. Rest all good stay happy, Keeo playing Trampoline Games.


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