Most Physically Demanding Jobs

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Looking for a job that will allow you to be active all the time while on the job? You’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll find a list of 27 of the most physically demanding jobs.

Even with the massive improvement in technology, manual or hard labor is still needed to develop a country. Physically demanding jobs will make you active while still earning some money.

Here is a list of 27 of the most physically demanding jobs.

  1. Professional athlete: 

Anyone who engages in and plays sport as their career is a professional athlete. Such a person always keeps their body in shape so even when they are not competing, they train. They take part in team sports and train themselves to remain active. Also, such people earn extra money on the side from brand ambassadorial deals and advertisements. The average salary of an athlete is $83,911 per year.

A Professional Athlete
  1. Personal trainer:

A personal trainer is someone who helps clients develop workout routines and plans. They help their clients stay in shape or reach their fitness goals. They keep an eye on their clients progress and decide on what adjustments to make to their workout routines depending on the clients abilities and or injuries. They also help their clients train by letting them know which exercises are good for them and most often, they train with them while training them in the process. The average salary of a personal trainer is $22.56 per hour.

A Personal Trainer Helping His Client To Workout
  1. Carpenter:

A carpenter designs and makes wooden items that can fit into a structure. Carpentry is a very physically demanding job as it requires using machines like saws and planes and lifting heavy materials like wood. It also demands maths skills because carpenters have to measure the items they use to make sure they build according to the dimensions provided on a blueprint. Carpenters build and fix cabinets, door frames, window frames and wardrobes into houses. The average salary of a carpenter is $20.69 per hour.

A carpenter
  1.  Tree trimmer:

A tree trimmer is someone who inspects and trims trees into desirable shapes. They prune trees, cutting off unwanted branches and dead branches and making sure branches do not touch power cables.  This is a physically demanding job because trimmers use heavy machinery to cut off big branches and sometimes have to climb trees to prune them. Sometimes they need to use rigs to climb very tall trees to prune them into nicer shapes. The average salary of a tree trimmer is $19.21 per hour.

A tree trimmer at work
  1. Lawn technician:

A lawn technician is someone who plants trees, shrubs and other plants for their clients. It’s a physically demanding job because lawn technicians use heavy machines to mow lawns and trim shrubs and trees. They also advise their clients on the types of plants they need or will be suitable for their landscape. The average salary of a lawn technician is $15.41 per hour.

A lawn technician
  1. Porter:

A porter is someone whose work in a hotel is to carry the bags of guests, perform maintenance work for guests and also help receptionists. They can also receive and park cars for guests at the car park. At the front desk, they can help guests fill forms, answer guests questions and help with general duties of the receptionist. The average salary of a porter is $12.75 per hour.

A porter
  1. Chiropractor:

Chiropractors are people who are specialized in helping patients with spinal issues. They use spinal manipulation techniques to help relieve neck and back pain. They perform spinal massages on pain areas and give advice on spinal issues. They also diagnose spinal conditions through X-rays and tests. This is physically demanding because they use force to manipulate the spine. The average salary of a chiropractor is $68,414 per year.

A chiropractor giving a massage to his client
  1. Brick Mason:

A brick mason is someone who builds brick structures like fireplaces. This is a physically demanding job because masons work with concrete and bricks and that’s heavy to move from place to place. They also read plans and build based on it which also means using math to build according to dimensions. They also repair and renovate old buildings. The average salary of a brick mason is $22.28 per hour.  

A brick mason
  1. Structural welder: 

Metal frameworks for buildings are designed and made by structural welders. They cut, build and install these metal workpieces into buildings. Beams and columns which make a structure firm in the ground are Madelyn structural welders. Thesis a physically demanding job because structural fees work with heavy machinery to cut and weld metal into strong frames. They also ensure that the welding equipment used on site are safe to use. The average salary of a structural welder is $20.49 per hour.

A structural welder
  1. Drywall hanger:

Drywall hanging is the application of walls and ceilings without using mortar or plaster. A drywall hanger is someone who installs drywall in place after cutting it to the required size. Drywall hangers read blueprints and use math to cut drywall to the right measurement. They also repair drywall. It is physically demanding because drywall hanging requires frequent and active movement and lifting as well. The average salary of a drywall hanger is $19.13 per hour. 

Drywall hangers
  1. Logger:

A logger is someone who cuts down trees and prepares logs to be taken to processing plants. They also sort out the logs and arrange them according to their type of wood. This also means they should know different plants and their type of wood. This is a physically demanding job because loggers cut down trees with heavy machinery and have to safely move them into position to be transported. The average salary of a logger is $15.04 per hour.

A logger cutting down a tree
  1. Nursery worker:

A nursery worker is someone who takes care of plants. They also advise their clients on the best plants to have indoors and outdoors depending on the weather and conditions necessary for the plant to flourish. They also help their clients with retail purchases. This is physically demanding because nursery workers need to stay active all day taking care of trees, shrubs and other plants, lifting heavy bags of soil, watering plants among others. The average salary of a nursery worker is $12.00 per hour.

A nursery worker
  1. Registered nurse:

A registered nurse is a medical professional who provides care to patients by diagnosing and treating various medical ailments. Registered nurses also update and collect patient medical histories. This is physically demanding because registered nurses have to be alert for emergencies, treat ailments, counsel patients and sometimes collect sales for tests. The average salary of a registered nurse is $28.93 per hour.

A registered nurse
  1. Choreographer:

A choreographer is someone who develops dance routines and teaches dancers to perform. It is quite obvious why choreography is  physically demanding, we all know dancing requires activeness and tons of energy. Choreographers teach dance groups or individuals. They also plan choreography for movies, music videos and TV shows. The average salary of a choreographer is $21.42 per hour.

A group of choreographers
  1. Concrete finisher:

A concrete finisher is someone whose work at a construction site is to pour, shape and finish concrete projects. They also repair damaged concrete projects to strengthen them for the future. This is physically demanding because concrete finishers have to carry heavy bags of cement, mix concrete and carry it to wherever it’s needed. The average salary of a concrete worker is $20.06 per hour.

A concrete finisher
  1. Mechanic:

Mechanics work with vehicles. They work on car electrical systems, engines, tyres and the entire body of a vehicle to ensure it is fit for the road. They inspect and repair faulty parts of a vehicle. This is a physically demanding job because mechanics are required to be active people, they carry and work with heavy equipment and are always moving about. Mechanics also provide routine maintenance checks on vehicles like changing oil and brake pads to ensure that vehicles do not break down. The average salary of a mechanic is $18.31 per hour.

A mechanic
  1. Machine operator:

A machine operator is someone who uses machines to fabricate, manufacture, assemble and transport products for consumers. This is physically demanding because they always work with heavy machinery. Machine operators also inspect the machines they work with and help with repairs if they can. The average salary of a machine operator is $14.49 per hour.

A machine operator
  1. Miner:

Mining is a job which requires physical activeness and constant motion of the body. A miner is someone who extracts minerals from underground. Miners use heavy and sophisticated machinery to extract and transport minerals from place to place. They also use explosives and chemicals in their operations so they have to plan the execution to ensure safety. The average salary of a miner is $59,031 per year.

  1. Iron worker:

An iron worker welds metals and stack steel. They plan, build and install metal frameworks into buildings. This is physically demanding because iron workers have to be active at the construction site carrying heavy metals and equipment, using maths to make frameworks according to measurements on a blueprint and making sure everything is safe to use. They also repair faulty frameworks. The average salary of an iron worker is $21.39 per hour.

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An Iron worker
  1. Dancer:

We all know what dancers do and why it is physically demanding – you have to be strong enough to sway your body to the music.  A dancer basically uses body movements to tell and interpret a story to their audience. They also work with choreographers to come up with dances and plans for a performance. They audition for shows and also perform for TV shows, movies and music videos. The average salary of a dancer is $19.83 per hour. 

A dancer
  1. Correctional officer:

Correctional officers work in prisons and jails. They supervise the inmates in prisons and jails. They make inmates ready for entry and departure, checking them for contraband and also ensure the prisons and jails are safe for the public and inmates. It is physically demanding because they have to be on the lookout always and be up and about in the prisons and jails. The average salary of a correctional officer is $35,646. 

Correctional officers
  1. Maintenance assistant:

Maintenance assistants are people who assist maintenance technicians to make sure systems are safe in buildings. They help inspect and repair faulty heating systems, electrical systems and plumbing systems in buildings. They also purchase supplies for maintenance and field maintenance requests. The average salary of a maintenance assistant is $14.28 per hour.

Maintenance assistant
  1. Stonemason:

Stonemasons work with heavy stones. They build stone structures like tombstones, archways and walls. They also repair stone structures to ensure safety. This is physically demanding because they have to carry heavy stones and use heavy equipment to cut stones to fit structures. They also use math to build structures to fit measurement on blueprints. The average salary of a stonemason is $23.72 per hour.

A stonemason
  1. Firefighter:

A firefighter extinguishes fires and responds to fire alarms. They also rescue people who are in danger. We all know firefighting is not easy and is physically demanding. Firefighters always have to be alert, respond to potential fire hazards like car crashes and even perform first aid like burn treatment. Firefighters also work with heavy equipment and also make sure it is always in good condition for emergencies. The average salary of a firefighter is $44,383.

  1. Roofer:

A roofer is someone who works on roofs. They install and repair roofs. This is physically demanding because roofers have to be active, carrying equipment and getting themselves up there on top of buildings. They seal roofs to prevent leaks during storms, offer their clients estimates and costs. They also perform maintenance checks on roofs for wear and leaks. The average salary of a roofer is $19.63 per hour.

A roofer
  1. Fence erector:

A fence erector is someone who builds fences and gates and repairs them as well. Fence erectors also perform inspections to ensure that they don’t come into contact with gas, electrical and water lines while digging to make fence posts. Fence erectors work with wood when making wooden fences. They also use barbed wire and chain linking. This is physically demanding because fence erectors have to dig the ground, use heavy equipment and carry them to and fro. The average salary of a fence erector is $16.26 per hour.

Fence erectors
  1. Order administrator:

Also called an orderly, an order administrator is a medical professional who takes care of older patients. They clean their patients’ rooms and measure their vitals. and They work in nursing homes and hospitals, helping older patients perform everyday activities like bathing, dressing, eating and anything that requires movement and strength. This is physically demanding because orderlies have to help patients get on their feet and literally perform their everyday activities for them. The average salary of an orderly is $13.96 per hour.

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An order administrator


By now, you should have an idea of what physically demanding jobs entail. In addition to making some money, learning and performing your duties you’ll remain active and that is good for your health. We hope this article has been of help.