5 Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

5 Make-Up Ideas For A Perfectly Natural Look. When you want to look your best, applying your make appropriately is the difference between ridiculed or admired.


This is why we have gathered these important tips to help you make the right decisions and step out in style.

Focus on the eyes

Make-Up Ideas

Enhance your eyes with light brown eyeliner, or apply a bit of brown eyeshadow just at the roots of the lashes. Then, blend the lines using a brush. Apply a light neutral shadow on the eyelids, and use a brown or black mascara to enhance your eyelashes.

Delicate blush

Make-Up Ideas

Beige-pink blushes are generally regarded as the most natural-looking of blushes. A large soft bristle works best for applying a blush. It can also be used to put the blush on the side of your neck. Just remember: you should apply blush to the areas that stand out when you smile.

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Bright lips

Make-Up Ideas

Even if are going for a natural look, don’t forget about your lips. Choose warm shades of lipstick or lip gloss, and apply it with your fingers to make your make-up look more natural.

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Perfect make-up for brunettes

Perfect make-up for brunettes

Girls with dark hair can use black eyeliner to make a natural-looking make-up. Semi-transparent cherry shade lipstick will look great on your lips.

Natural-looking make-up for blondes

make-up for blondes

Girls with light hair can wear subtle make-up shades, such as soft pink or peach. For lips, choose a pink glitter lipstick.

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5 Make-Up Ideas For A Perfectly Natural Look

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