Not long ago, highlife crooner Ofori Amponsah was behind the pulpit winning souls for Christ and sharing the gospel.

However, since the music star reversed to the secular world from doing the Lord’s work some months back, speculations have been rife on whether God really called him to his work or it was all some shenanigans.

Well, the Ofori has finally come out to reveal what led him to become a pastor and it’s somehow funny. Mr ‘All 4 Real’ as he is popularly known said it was a broken heart that led him to take up the Bible and preach.

Confessing on the Delay Show, he said: “I had a broken heart and I was in a place of my life when I couldn’t think straight and made assumptions like ‘God called me to be a pastor’.

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Ofori Amponsah started his own church and took to gospel music but has since gone back to the ‘world’ since the ‘illusion’ of God calling him cleared from his eyes.

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