In today’s age where technology has improved massively, one would have thought technology gadgets and tools used 10 years ago would not be useful. That’s not the case as our findings have shown that outdated technologies still exist and are useful in today’s age.

To prove that, we’ve compiled a list of some of such technologies which the 90’s kids can only remember. If you were born in the 2000s, then I’m pretty sure you’ve not even heard or seen some of these technologies before.

#1 Pagers


Even though pagers are no more popular as it used to be some years back, physicians, nuclear engineers, firefighters, and birdwatchers still use it.

#2. Folded Maps

Folded Maps
Even though Google maps are now used by majority of people on their smartphones and tablets, people still carry it along with them to places where there’s no internet connection.

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#3. Fax Machine

Fax Machine
Fax machines are still being used in some business organizations as well as hospitals in the US.

#4. Nokia Phones

Nokia Phones
Drug dealers especially are those that you’ll find still using this type of phones because they are more durable, difficult to track and have a longer battery life as compared to smartphones.