Rare Moment When Giant Fish Jumps Out Of The Sea To Feast On A Bird. Sometimes we are too busy with our lives to catch a glimpse of some nature’s beautiful scenery. Well, thanks to some TV Channels, we watch some breathtaking scenes from the animal’s wildlife. But have you ever watched one of those rare moments when a fish beneath the sea ‘flies’ out briefly to grab a prey?

The exact moment of the planning and execution has been captured in this stunning 2.06-minute clip. The fledglings, who land onto the surface just for a few sips of water, are caught unawares by the giant fish.

It’s quite a tough task for the giant beasts to attract the prey. Nevertheless, the fish is known to have an amazing brain capable of calculating the airspeed, altitude and trajectory of a bird. The best part of the video is its clarity and the audio-visual excellence.

With more than 4,00,000 views at the time of writing, people are going berserk after watching it. “Never in my wildest imagination thought that a trevally would eat a seabird,” said one viewer. “Think about how hard it is for us land dwellers to pluck a bird from the air. Now imagine doing it while in a swimming pool,” said another.

Watch video here:

Photo/video credit: BBC/YouTube

Rare Moment When Giant Fish Jumps Out Of The Sea To Feast On A Bird