Recumbent Bike Buying Guide – Top Elliptical Bike Combo

Recumbent Bike Buying Guide – Top Elliptical Bike Combo


At first sight, you’re probably thinking “not another one of those gym machines”. Not this year! Turn over a new leaf and consider how you’re going to combat those fitness goals. You might have walked past that fitness room, at the gym, with all the bikes, but consider giving it a shot. Consider that they might offer you something. They’re not only very comfortable, easy to use, and adequate fitness machines, but you can bring this machine into your own home. Make this a year of investments towards your health and fitness goals. Enjoy the luxury of working out comfortably and at home. For the full guide visit

What to Consider

Recumbent bikes are stationary for a reason, meaning, you can enjoy the luxury of feeling like you’re on a brisk bike ride while in the comforts of your home or at the gym. They have grown to be one of the most popular fitness equipment’s on the market. Recumbent bikes are easy on the body, price range appropriate, and offer a lifetime worth of fulfillment. So, how do you know if you’re making the right decision? Consider these guidelines:

  1. Budget

At what cost will it require you to own one of these durable machines? From as low as $100 to as high as $2000, there’s a range of recumbent bikes that will do the job. Low-end bikes offer basic options but can do the job, whereas higher-end models range in a variety of specks. All dependent on what you need, all capable of handling the load, but if you’re an experienced biker, head upwards in cost to maximize on your investment.

  1. Comfort
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You’re, hopefully, going to be sitting on the bike for some time so you need to ensure your bottom and back are both comfortable and secured. Unlike other stationary models, recumbent bikes are most often chosen due to their comfortableness. A great fit for heavier sit users and the aging, these bikes take a strain off your back, keep feet leveled, and reduce the likelihood of injury. Adjustable seats allow for easy entry and exit, as well as added comfort.

  1. Resistance

Controlling the resistance is something that recumbent bikes make easy. With Magnet brakes you can twist a knob to control the magnets tension on the wheel; the closer the magnet is the more tension it adds. Brake pads work through an electromagnetic system that provides resistance by sending information to the servo meter, which then increases or decreases tension. Similar to the magnetic brakes, it uses a magnet to control resistance but unlike the magnetic brakes, the bike needs to be plugged in in order to operate.

  1. Flywheels

Like many other stationary bikes, the heavier the wheel the more “real feel” you’ll experience and the more you’ll get out of the workout.  Most wheels won’t require as much maintenance and can offer a smooth ride with the ability to pedal backward.

  1. Weight
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Most bikes can maintain up to 250lbs, but a few models offer increased weight support for those above 250lbs; the Diamondback 910Sr and Iron X-class 410 are a couple to look into. Whatever your reasons are for purchasing a stationary fitness bike, you won’t be deterred by your weight.



  1. Features

What is it you need your bike to have? Do you need a fan, speakers, entertainment set, charging ports and chords, or are you just looking for a water bottle holder? Some bikes, like the Hybrid Mag Trainer, offer a rowing machine for more added fitness experience; others offer a display system which allows you to track your time progression, calorie burn, heart rate, and distance. Always keep in mind, the more added features the more the cost.

Pedal to your goals

How awesome is it that you’re able to own the same machines that your local gym has? Recumbent bikes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional bikes. You’ve got goals and expectations, why not invest your money in your health? Be comfortable, workout hard, and sweat a little. You deserve it!