Reverend Obofour Makes A Shocking Revelation About Heaven And Hell


Founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Church (APC), popularly known as Reverend Obofour, has made a shocking revelation about heaven and it has generated a lot of controversies.

Obofour in a viral video stated to his congregants that he does not believe there is place called heaven though he claims to be a man of God. The reverend has been bashed many  times for concentrating on worldly things than focusing on the work of God and salvation but Obofour replied that the best way to sustain salvation is for the ‘saved’ to do well in life and not face hardships which will force them to go back.

Moreover, the existence of heaven cannot even be verified so it was better for church members to prosper on earth where they can see and feel it.

“For me, I don’t know heaven, it is this earth I know. Even if I like I will not believe in heaven. Where is heaven? Do I know there? I have traveled to America, Washington, everywhere but didn’t see heaven there.”

He linked Christianity to academic education and added that we have not even passed the exams God has set for us on this earth than to think of other things we know nothing about.

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“How do you say you want to do your doctorate when you have not even passed your JHS exams?” he questioned.

The self acclaimed man of God condemned Christianity and praised Muslims that they love themselves more than Christians.

Citing an example, he pointed out that his recent purchase of a GHC100,000 Ford Mustang for his nine-year-old daughter has been highly criticised but these same people have refused to acknowledge that he bought car for a thief.

“So they are okay with outsiders enjoying and not my family? I should send a taxi driver to go and pick my daughter and ran away with her?”

This is not the first time Reverend Obofour has done something as eyebrow-raising as this one in recent times.

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