Robber Offers DOUGHNUTS To Customers After Stealing Their Cash. An American robber added a sense of humor to his nefarious acts and the internet is buzzing with his antic. In the past, many thieves have had a measure of fame with their sheer stupidity in the name of humor.

There was a time a thief tried to break into a garage through the window while the door was wide opened. Then there was this other one who left his phone inside the house he robbed and the one who got stuck in an extractor only to be rescued (arrested) by cops later.

This thief, together with his three friends raided a doughnut shop in Houston, and stole cash and smart phones from shop owners and customers. However, before leaving, one of them, as captured by the CCTV camera, gave away a pair of braided doughnuts from behind the counter to the customers from whom, ironically, they had stolen cell phones.

Watch video here:

Photo/video credit: Houston Police Robbery/YouTube

Robber Offers DOUGHNUTS To Customers After Stealing Their Cash, Smartphones