In the wake of Strika’s viral begging on the street story which saturated social media this week, Shatta Wale has disclosed that directors of NetFlix movie “Beast of No Nation” paid him $15,000 for using his songs in the movie.

Shatta Wale explained that even though his songs weren’t used as background songs but since most of the boys sung his songs in the movie, directors of the movie hit him up and paid him $15,000.

This was disclosed by the Chop Kiss hitmaker during an interview on Zylofon. Shatta Wale also revealed how he ‘played it tough’ before getting that unsubstantial amount.

He said:

“They (directors) proposed an amount of between $200 and $500 for each of us. But I declined because I felt the amount they were paying did not measure up to our status. I felt they were taking us for granted, so I did not accept the amount they proposed”.

“From a reliable source my other colleagues ended up taking a mere $500 and I believe that was disrespectful. Hence, after a period they (directors) called me and handed me an amount of $15,000. And this is how much I believe, we deserved and should have bargained for.”

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