She Lost Consciousness And Woke Up With A Mysterious Note

When you think of a fitness class instructor, you are probably imagining someone fit, athletic and with zero health problems whatsoever. They are classically the epitome of a healthy lifestyle. They spend their time burning calories and following a nutritious diet while encouraging others to do the same.

Unfortunately, regardless of how well you are taking care of yourself, anything can happen to the unpredictable human body. For a young London resident, what started off as a normal day turned unforgettable. Her life was at risk and she received help in the most heartwarming way.


Twenty seven year old Ellie Farnfield, a fitness instructor, was exactly what you would expect from someone in her field. She dedicated her entire life to teaching the exercise classes at a studio called Rabble in London.

Rabble is a unique fitness club with a social outlook on exercise. The instructors at Rabble incorporate team games into a specialized fitness routine for people of all ages and athletic capabilities. It integrates playground style children’s games like Capture The Flag, but transforms the activities into high intensity workouts.