Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding

Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding. Planning a wedding can be the most stressful process for any man or woman, and at times you feel nothing more than to pack it all in and have a simple ceremony at the registry office.

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful activity of your lifetime and can be expensive, so it is important to decide on the most  important thing first then continue till the end.

This is a unique day for you and yes, we do understand why you maybe going through that nervousness because you want everything right. This is an Asian checklist or guide for your wedding. You have got all you needed here.


Family And Friends Meeting

Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding


You will indeed need the assistance of family and friends on this big day of yours. Gather all your close relatives and friends and share your big day with them. This meeting is purposely for the wedding discussion. The following are the points to discuss at the meeting.


  • Wedding Coordinator

You will need to appoint your main wedding coordinator. You need to select the best because if the wedding coordinator mess up, your big day will be a mess. It is a popular trend to hire a wedding planner, but research planners early, and if possible use someone who has been recommended to you. In an ideal world a wedding coordinator should be patient, detailed oriented, well organized, easy to contact and time consciousness. Having such a coordinator will ease you of the stress and nervousness. Be sure and certain about them.

  • Shariah Requirements ( Spokesperson )

You will need to agree with your spokesperson(s). This will usually be close family and they will be responsible for arranging a marriage officiant such as an Imam, or Reverend, creating and checking your marriage contract, agreement and related conditions where necessary. It should be done prior to the actual ceremony to ensure all things are on track without problems on the day.



Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding

It is difficult though but wise to work out a budget to benefit you and your partner. You can start with a budget for a particular part of your wedding process like a budget for accessories and shoes.This is allowed because at this time you will be saving towards the rest. A good start is to write it down in a new note, tick the ones that have been bought or dealt with, keep receipts for reference or in case of any emergency. You can also cut down cost buy buying things that are not expensive. There are quality wedding accessories that are not expensive and you can start with that.

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Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding


Get delegates from the meeting who will take in charge of the venue. Is the venue for officiating different from the venue for reception. Then get people to help you organize the place. Let the selected take charge of the venue and cut down your worries.


The Rest

  • Food

You will need to consider catering for the wedding, drinks and if necessary desserts. A careful thought about the quantity should be considered or else your money will be wasted. As the bride or groom, know the number of people that will be attending your wedding. However if the stress is too much, let a family or friend assist you in that.Get the best caterer or chef to make an Asian delicious food, popular ones indeed such as Chicken rice, Barbecue stingray sambal, Satay, name them. But make sure you allow what your budget can afford.

  • Cake

This will come with various options from size, color, design and ingredients. Just know what you want and agree with your life partner.

  • Decorations

Now the wedding venue has to be decorated. Have research for the wedding decorator. Have a discussion with your wedding planner and tell them the colors you need, the flowers you love and the type of light to use if possible.

  • Program

You can not go through your day successful without a program outline. If it happens there will be disorganization and you will leave to regret. Since you can not do all by yourself, get someone to assist in the typing and printing out of the program outline. Who is doing what and what will be happening after the next.

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Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding


The time for the clothing is due.

  • Men

This will either be a suit or a sherwani. Make sure there is enough time to order and do not be in a haste. You need to check you cloth well either from the tailor or shop when delivered to you or you might be wearing something else to the wedding.

  • Women

This maybe a Saree or customized material so just as the groom, do not be in a rush. You will need enough time to pick it up and if any adjustment is needed, that is where immediate attention is needed.

  • Bride/Groom

You will need to arrange and  order in advance the collection of finished items which is the bridal wear.


Invitation Cards

Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding

You will need to send invitations to your guests as soon as possible to give an early notice or else those you will be expecting might end up not coming because of the delay.

  • Groom’s entry banner

This is the traditional sign done by the bride’s side to display at the entry point for the partner or groom.

  • Gifts

Arrange someone to receive and look after the gifts and money guests will be bringing you. Make sure the one attending to them put their names for you so to call, text or visit them in due course to say thank you or you will be known as ingrates.



Bride and groom will need to come into agreement on where they will be living and start making plans towards that. Further plans will be needed to convey the bride’s belongings to her new home.

Simple Ways To Planning An Asian Wedding

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