Big boobs actress, Belinda Sefakor Dzattah has slammed ladies who look for six packs before getting married.

According to her, she would rather look for someone she can call a friend and so that they sit and plan their marriage well.


“I believe in friendship because friendship would make the marriage bloom as there Zylofonwould be nothing hidden in the marriage.”


Though ladies have one particular thing they all look out for in a man, the actress has said that all those physical looks such as six packs, well built men and the tall men ladies look out for before getting married¬†doesn’t pay bills nor put food on their tables.


“Would six packs pay your bills, people just don’t know how to pick a partner and end up picking trouble.”


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Dzata who¬† is popularly known by her role in Yvonne Nelson’s “Heels and Sneakers” further advised young ladies to get that mentality off their head and go in for someone who can be a friend and someone who can make a home.