Talent Show Ideas

By Delphine •  Updated: 04/04/22 •  5 min read

Most times,  the challenging part of participating in a talent show is settling on that one act. Talent shows are a great way for kids to showcase their creativity but deciding on what will work best can oftentimes be challenging. 

If your kids are  preparing to participate in a community talent  or the local school talent show, these talent show ideas might help them find the perfect act.

  1. A Fun Dance Routine

Dance routines are suitable for people of all age groups and as such, they are popular acts in many talent shows. Dance routines can cut across different  music genres and movements and can also be done in groups or as individuals. 

It’s important to note that you have to pick partners who are equally interested as you are and are sure willing to participate. You should also make sure that the type of dance you take up does not end up offending anyone. 

2. Brush up on Ventriloquist Skills

This is an absolute show- stopper. Although it is a challenge, this act will take some skill and practice and once it is perfected, you will do amazingly well.

However, in order to learn how to be a ventriloquist, you will first of all,  need a ventriloquist doll and a mirror. It’s important that during your practice,  you make your doll look as if it is talking while your mouth stays sealed. 

3. Do Some Bike Tricks

It’s important to note that bike tricks may not always find a space in every show. However, you can easily go outside and show your loved ones the cool things that you can do on your bike. 

If you can glide with your feet straight out, or easily ride with one or no hands on the handlebars,  then you have the right skills to show. It’s important to note that all these can be included in a bike routine but at all times make sure, your skills are parent-approved and you wear a helmet and safety gear. 

4. The power of words

If you realize your kid has leadership potential, he or she is very good at spoken words then with the right props, text and with a touch of humor, they can turn that skill into a memorable show. 

For example, you can start by writing a speech regarding successes and failures. These can include your funny wishes,doubts,  good causes as well as how they materialize.  Most times, it’s important that you support it with attractive visuals. 

5. Football routine

If you realize your kid has special football skills or that they love football, then this is a routine to go for.  

You can start with simple tricks because football routines can amaze onlookers. The simple tricks can include dribbling tactics, basic switches, etc.

You can also add speed to your performance and finally finish with your best tactics. 

You can also get more videos from YouTube as there are a lot of tutorials available.  

6. Lip Syncing Act

It’s important to note that not everyone can sing but everyone can lip-sync. You can learn a song thoroughly and on stage, you can mouth it along with the original lyrics on center stage.  

To make it more fantastic,  you can add a bit of choreography to it and it is possible no one will even notice that you are not the one singing the song. 

7. Sing Your Favorite Ballads

A home environment is quite a comfortable and safe space to sing your favorite Ballads especially if you are shy to sing in front of a crowd in the community or at the school. 

A family talent show makes room for more performers as they are always more comfortable when it comes to trying new things like dancing or singing. 

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9. Work your magic! 

Unlike other acts, magic acts do not necessarily require expensive equipment and are also very entertaining. 

It’s important to choose to practice your act until you master it and also choose a trick according to your abilities. You can add some music to make your performance more lively and also wear an appropriate outfit. 

10. Let your kid’s DJ skills entertain the audience

A talent show will be boring without music and this is because everybody loves music. It is difficult for people to stay still and not react to catchy songs. 

11. Playing a Musical Instrument

A lot of children play musical instruments such as guitar, violin, piano and drums outside of school. These musical instruments are quite popular among kids as it takes up their free time. 

You can choose a song and practice it over time before playing it for the audience. 

12. Execute Some Pet Tricks

You can include your family pet by displaying some of the family pet’s favorite tricks thus if you love working and playing around with it. 

If it’s approved and safe, anything goes with it. 

13. Prepare Fancy Foods

You can also exhibit your culinary and kitchen skills.  With these skills, you can create something palatable for your family. You can share your kitchen talent in a family talent show. You can make sushi rolls,  make nice sandwiches, decorate a cake or cookies. 

14. Rap battle

Rap battle is an amazing act to showcase if you have the skills. If your kid has an amazing lyrical talent, or just likes to rap, then this is the act to take up. 

You can set up a duo with them or go solo if you think you have the skills

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Participating in a talent show is a fun experience you will remember for many years.  The most important thing is to choose the perfect act and practice until you have achieved perfection.