Instagram is one of the biggest social media with over 800 million users worldwide. You can take a screenshot of the picture that you like, resize it, edit and filter if you want and then repost on Instagram.

But in case if you want to repost a video, you need to first download an app either from iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Here’s how you can quickly repost videos and photos on Instagram

Step 1- First you need to download a repost app for Instagram like Instarepost or Repost for Instagram; for this, you can check the respective App Store or Google Play Store

Step 2- The app once downloaded and installed, open your Instagram account and click on the feed to search for the image or video. You can also search for the photo/video by entering the username in the search bar in the Explore tab

Step 3- Once you have found the post, tap the three grey dots icon that you will see in the upper right corner of the post

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Step 4- The grey icon will pop up a few options, select the “Copy Link” option

Insta Repost app

There are several repost app for Instagram like Instarepost or Repost for Instagram that you can check either on App Store or Google Play Store

Step 5- The repost app (we downloaded the InstaRepost app) that you have installed in your device will automatically detect the link that you have copied and pop up a question asking whether you want to repost instantly or save it for later, select the suitable option

Step 6- If you select the ‘Repost now’ button it will direct you to the next page showing Repost settings

Step 7- The Repost Settings show a few options like- Open editor to add doodles, stickers etc, Copy caption, Remove Author, Remove Watermark (used to remove InstaRepost logo on the reposted video), Move logo/author (to reposition it to another part) etc

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Step 8: Once you are done making the changes tap on the green-arrow Repost icon at the bottom centre, the photo or the video will appear on New Post window

Step 9: You can rescale it, add filters like the usual Instagram post and then tap Next, it will lead you to ‘Share to’ page

Step 10: It is worth mentioning that the repost option doesn’t include the original post’s citation, so even if you want to add your own caption or add any filters we would suggest putting user’s name by adding @username and seek his/her permission before making any changes to the original photo/video and then click the share button.

In case you don’t have enough space on your phone’s memory, you can follow the traditional method of taking a screenshot and then sharing it on your Instagram.

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