These Businesses Can Survive Any Economy

By Kwabena Okyire Appianing •  Updated: 11/06/22 •  8 min read


You are probably looking for a long surviving recession-proof Business that is perfect and has good ideas as the economy around the World is in a slump, with unemployment reaching record levels in many places.


There have been several growing industries of the future in the past few years, and the leaps in our entire global economic system are quicker and more prominent than ever. Only a few economists or tech experts can confidently answer how they envision the economy 15-25 years from today as new tech giants like Apple and Samsung keep advancing. Businesses keep failing daily, and no one knows how they started falling.


This creates an opportunity for you to venture into businesses with stronger economic foundations, which is why we are here.


New horizons are being tapped, and new industries are being shaped that we never imagined until recently being able to forecast.


These changes will be the most critical factor in your decision to pursue a particular career or invest in one industry; that’s why we should imagine together which way the ship is sailing.

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It is natural for humans to create new things; new businesses come to you while you’re in bed or caught in something. Ideation, communication, modification, and many more are required to get the foundations of the business. For a company not to fail, an entrepreneur must have the determination to get to a certain level of the business.


Every business person or aspiring entrepreneur constantly searches for a business that never fails. Some people venture into entrepreneurship with a clear vision: They know what industry they want to conquer and the path they’re going to take to get there. Companies in high-growth sectors with lower startup costs may have more significant profitability potential.

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Do you plan on starting some solid business that will stand for many years? Let me introduce you to some companies that can never retract financially as the years go by?

The food truck movement has been experiencing consistent growth over the past five years — and it’s expected to continue — with the market projected to grow to $6.6 billion by 2028, according to a 2021 report by Grand View Research.

You can start a food truck business for less than a third of what it costs to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant; plus, you have geographic versatility, the potential for high revenue returns, and the flexibility to create a custom menu that’s all your own.

Food trucks also tend to have unique ordinances, business licenses, and safety compliance standards. They also require food business insurance, so you’ll want to contact your local health department to find out what will be required.

Unsurprisingly, the food industry and grocery stores tend to thrive in an economic downturn. Profits earned in groceries, food chains, and stores remain fairly steady during a recession.

There is an excellent example of this in the frozen meal and coffee sectors. Despite the economic downturn, frozen meal firms could expect a 4.8% increase in sales. At the same time, the retail coffee market grew by 6%, a substantial increase from what had been predicted as only 2%. No crisis will stop people from eating and drinking, not even an apocalypse.

That being said, this sector may still be susceptible to the effects of the recession. As a result of the last recession, each household’s food spending decreased by 7%, probably because consumers were inclined to buy sale and discounted items or look for cheaper alternatives to cut back expenses. The reality, however, is that people can only cut food spending by so much.

The rising price and expanded features of new vehicles are causing car owners to keep their cars longer, according to a 2020 study by Consumer Reports. And as drivers keep their vehicles longer, businesses like car washes that help people maintain the value of their auto investment are also expected to keep rising.

According to the International Car wash Association, 66% of Americans wash their vehicles somewhere between one to two times per month, with an average of 13 times per year. The car wash market is projected to increase from $14.7 billion in 2021 to $20.7 billion by 2030

You might make a car wash business even more profitable by turning it into a mobile service. Customers may pay more for a car wash that comes to them, especially if they have a luxury car and prefer more personalized service.

Financial services will still be in demand regardless of a recession. In fact, the accounting industry was valued at $544.06 billion in 2020, and the demand for it is still growing.

Whether you’re making money from a big corporation, a small Etsy shop or a Youtube channel—you’ll need an accountant when tax season comes around. Most people don’t want to do their taxes on their own. Instead, they’re more likely to seek out professionals who can offer help with tax preparation, accounting, financial planning and bookkeeping.

I can imagine how tempting it must be to skip those taxes! Regardless of the recession, taxes must be paid on time or suffer the consequences.

Attempting bookkeeping on their own could be far worse, thinking that it will save them money. Even though it might seem like a quick win, so much risk is involved, and wrong calculations could be disastrous.

While you focus and target revenues, you should entrust a qualified accountant to do the job during tough times.

Accounting firms are another industry that thrives during recessions. The importance of establishing a good accounting and bookkeeping system during recession periods cannot be overstated.

In times of negative economic growth, a business’s first impulse will be to cut costs and keep its finances in check. The truth is, many will need an accounting consultancy when cash flow is tightened. When a business is suffering, an accountant’s expertise is crucial to take a look at expenses, manage available resources left, and suggest sound bits of advice on how to alleviate financial struggles.


After pharmaceuticals, the most demanding industry will be Health care. We generally understand healthcare means Hospitals, Doctors.

As medical science progresses, many labs and advanced machinery have developed, which will be very beneficial in detecting diseases in a short time.

We deliver packages rain, shine, or recession!

This is what distinguishes courier services from other businesses. Due to the boom in e-commerce during this time of pandemic, freight and logistics companies are well-positioned and undeterred in the international market today.

As with maintenance and utility services, industries offering delivery services are staying afloat during recessions. In today’s crisis, the social distancing implemented across the globe impacted the freight industry positively. Even simple errands like grocery shopping are now offered by delivery companies. Of course, this implies that the industry has to adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Although that may be true, the online shopping industry has diversified enough to greatly benefit and earn profit from online purchases. In addition to this, shipping giants can save millions as they capitalize on fuel, a commodity that usually drops in price during an economic downturn.

No Regardless of the economic climate, courier services will continue to prosper because consumers will send packages occasionally, whether for personal or business reasons.

Laundromats are another great business that enjoys a shallow failure rate. According to Laundrylux, laundromats enjoy a 95% success rate over five years! Again, nothing is guaranteed in business, but that seems tantalizingly close.

This great recession-proof business can make you money no matter what is happening in the economy. People will always need to get their clothes washed and dried.

The great thing about a laundromat is that it can be managed chiefly passively. The machines do all the hard work of washing and drying the clothes (and your customers do the work of loading and unloading the clothes). You will still need to take care of cleaning the laundromat, making repairs to the machines when needed, and collecting the money from the devices (the fun part!), but even for these activities, you can hire people to do them for you.

The transportation business will always stay in the market. People continuously need to transport labor and things from one place to another, which is the case above. There will always be interest in transportation businesses, whether they operate on land, at sea, or in the air.

Transportation corporations come in a wide variety of forms, including trucking firms, shipping firms, and aircraft. However, each organization has a specific subject that affects the transportation business.

The transportation business will always be around. It is an essential part of the economy, and there will always be a demand for it.


Business is tricky, but it’s great. It’s a challenge that forces you to perform at your best, and you won’t tolerate anything less. The main thing that makes business miserable is juvenile expectations. If you want it to be easy, it gets damn hard fast. Paradoxically, If you embrace the struggle, it’s a lot more fun. Remember to like, share, and subscribe to Money on Trees.

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