This Elephant Calf Was in the Brink of Death Until the Guardian Angels Came with Mercy

Elephants are the largest animals on land. They are also considered as one of the most majestic species in the entire animal kingdom. Today, people have the chance to get closer to some of these large animals either in zoos or in amusement parks. Some of them are captured from the wild and bred selectively so that they’ll have the traits and characteristics that are desirable to humans.

However, those that have grown in the wild preferred to be left alone. These wild elephants have little to no contact at all with human beings. They are independent and are usually hesitant and distrustful of other human beings. But perhaps, there are instances where even this strict rule must be brushed off to the side.

Once, a baby elephant encountered such an unfortunate incident, the herd of wild elephants had no choice but to alert the humans they’ve avoided for so long. A team of rescuers couldn’t say no to these majestic animals and the events that followed were absolutely amazing.

49The Majestic Indian Elephants

In India, there are rural places where wild elephants roam freely. Even though they are rarely seen by the locals, these beasts are described as majestic and regal in every way. The residents in the community had learned to live alongside these wild elephants with mutual respect to each other’s territory

Given their own space, these wild elephants are no threat for humans. But once they feel that their boundaries are being crossed, they have the ability to inflict unwanted damages. For visitors who rarely see the majestic herd of elephants, it surely is a sight to behold. But as always, there has to be a limit.