The Ghana music industry, especially the Hiplife section, has produced many talents over the years who have released hits after hits but most of them couldn’t make it after few hit songs.

This is a list of some of the best songs that have been making Ghanaians put on their dancing shoes over the past years. Some of these songs will make you remember your senior high school days, especially entertainment night.

1. Dadie Opanka – Hold Yuh Mixtape!

Popularly known by his stage name OPANKA, from the Eastern Region but was born in Tema and have spent most of his lifetime there so could be identified as a Tema boy. His Hold Yuh Mixtape was a hit back in the days.

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2. Eduwodzi  – Yenko Nkoaa

Many will agree with me that the musical career of the Yenko Nkoaa hit maker, Eduwodzi has not been same after the song was released in 2016. Indisputably, Eduwodzi has been off musical radar for sometime now after his major hit Yenkor Nkoaa.


3. 5Five – Move Back (MUJE BAYA)

The music duo are no where to be found after few hit songs.

4. 5Five – AfriKan Gurlz

This song was one of the hit bangers back in the days from the same music duo 5Five. Though Papi, one of the music duo claims the group still exists, we are yet to hear them release another song.

5. Guru – Lapaz Toyota

Music never gets old, today we take you back to back in the early 2010, this song was the hit of the moment! From the production of Ball Jay Guru came out with this banger he titled Lapaz Toyota, we hope you like this throw back.

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