Top 10 Best Trampolines for Kids 2021

By Vibelens •  Updated: 09/21/19 •  7 min read
  1. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline
Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk

The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk trampoline is made of galvanized steel T-sockets which enhance frame stability. It can carry extra weight. It is designed with a net enclosure to keep your child from falling off.

There is no gap between the jumping surface and net. Additionally, it has a basketball hoop to keep your kid entertained. It is available in Six colors which will be easier for you to select the desired color.

It is sizable for any back yard. It provides a 3-year warranty for the frame. So, you won’t have a hard time selecting one that your child loves. Its size is perfect for any backyard. It offers a 3-year warranty on the frame and One year on materials.



 • Not stable compared to other larger models

Sportspower 84″ My First Trampoline

The Sportspower My First trampoline is applicable for outdoor use. It features a durable design, and foam padding on the edges confirms your kid’s safety when jumping. The 84-inch trampoline is a perfect size for any backyard. The process of assembling is quite easy.



• It is quite hard to set up

Best Indoor Trampolines for Kids

Kangaroos 36’’ Kids Trampoline

The Kangaroo 36-inch kids’ trampoline can be used in both ways such as indoors and outdoors. It improves your child’s balancing when jumping.

The plastic which is used in feet certifies carpet and surface are protected. It is applicable up to Five years old kids. In addition, its guardrail is foldable which is easy to transport from here to there.



• Disposed to toppling over

Merax 36″ Kid’s Mini Exercise Trampoline

 Merax 36″ Kid’s Mini Exercise Trampoline is designed with a guardrail which shows the security for your kids? It has a large jumping surface that guarantees stability. It is made of sturdy metal. You will get an option to detach the handrail while exercising.



• According to some users complain, handrail coming off after sometimes.

Skywalker Trampolines 40” Mini Bouncer

Skywalker Trampolines 40” Mini Bouncer is a very widely acceptable bouncer in this field. It allows your child to enter and exit the trampoline with an easy way. It comes with a handlebar all around it.

It will support your child while jumping. The jumping mat is made from a non-slip material. It is also comfortable to hold. Due to having netted around it, it keeps your child from falling off from the trampoline.

 It provides one year warranty on frame and 90 days on other materials. It will support a weight of up to 100 pounds (ca. 45 kg) without bending.



Bazoongi 48-Inch Bouncer Trampoline

Bazoongi 48-Inch Bouncer Trampolines a great funny choice for indoor playtime. It is applicable for kids ages three and above.

It has some great safety features. For instance, a completely padded perimeter and low height to avoid any serious injury. It is made of a colorful pattern.

You can also use it in outdoor when the weather is fine. The maximum weight allowance is 100 pounds. It has six legs for enlarged stability.

The frame is made of galvanized metal springs. The mat is attached to that frame which offers a good amount of bounce. The warranty of the frame pad is 6 months, and all other parts are covered for 90 days.




Little Tikes Three ft (36″) Trampoline for Toddlers

Little Tikes

 Little Tikes 3 ft (36″) Trampoline is one of the best bouncers. It has been designed especially for little kids whose age is over a year and a half.

Its small, good-looking, and amazingly safe. Since its legs are short so, it’s set very low in place. It makes the bounce slight. Your kid can handle onto the handlebar. The process of assembling is quite easy.

It might take not more than 15 minutes. Instructions are written in any languages with clean in the favor of customers. The weight limit is at most 55lbs.




The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline is one of the popular trampolines in the market. It is very easy to fold therefore the name itself fold and go! Parents love it because after playing, you can fold it and put it under any furniture. So, it is very space-saving.

This Fold & Go Trampoline Company is very much conscious about the post selling. It has a great customer service team. If you have any concerns they will call you regarding your queries. It is best suited for 2 and 3-year olds but doesn’t work well at ages much older.



Zupapa 15-Foot TUV-Certified Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Zupapa Trampoline is much stronger compared to another trampoline. It protects kids from dangerous pinch points and gaps.

 It comes equipped with lots of extras such as net, ladder, rain cover, and other accessories for the installation purposes. It developed new technologies to improve both durability and safety.



Pure Fun Super Jumper Kids’ Trampolines with Handrail (Best Value)

 The Pure Fun Super Jumper is a spring-style mini-trampoline. It features a padded handle, which offers good grip.

It is available in a blue or pink padded cover. The size of the Pure Fun Super Jumper Kids’ Trampoline is 48 inches.

 Three years old and above kids can use it. And the Maximum weight allowance is 100 pounds. Galvanized steel springs which attach the mat to the frame. It gives the mat a good amount of bounce.



I hope you are enjoying my list of the 10 best trampolines for kids. I have provided the most updated information on kid’s trampolines. Trampolines are getting very much popular among the kids and their family.

Every family wants to have one. But which trampoline would be more convenient, it depends on your need. For instance, if you are not concerning about budget, then you should go for the Bazoongi 48-Inch Bouncer Trampoline.

Besides, if you are in a tight budget, you can choose the Little Tikes 3 ft (36″) Trampoline. In addition, for getting the best output, Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline will be the right one.

For those who have a space problem, Fold & Go Trampoline is the best one. So above the discussion, it’s clear that all of the trampolines are special according to their specialties. Now you can pick your desired one.

Have a nice time with your kids in the trampoline!