Top 10 Torrent Sites in India to Choose in 2021 for Torrenting

By Kwabena Okyire Appianing •  Updated: 08/17/20 •  8 min read

While downloading torrent files is definitely not a new technological development, most of the torrent websites used today are torrent websites that are very well known. Just like Free Online Movie Sites and Putlocker Alternates, torrent sites have been often shutdown and removed from the Internet. But this doesn’t mean that torrent services are no longer available to the public – in fact, there are many torrent services that continue to operate online for millions of users across the world.

With a torrent files, one can access a variety of contents from various sources. This includes videos, music, images and so on.

The concept of torrent download services was invented by German computer expert Christian von Schiller, who developed it as an alternative to file sharing. The idea was to allow users to freely download and share files without having to worry about being penalized. As it turns out, many online users are fond of this feature and have been using it ever since. Today, this concept has become more popular among online marketers and businessmen who utilize it for their marketing purposes.

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your torrent downloads, you need to choose the best website where to upload your files. In fact, there are a lot of torrent websites available on the Internet. Some of them are well-known and some not so much.

One of the most famous torrent sites is Megaupload. This site is very popular for its large amount of files that users can download. Although there are some people who think that uploading files to this site is illegal, this is actually not true. The only thing you need to do is follow the legal procedure in order to get your files back. Once your files are on Megaupload, they will stay on their site forever.

Another popular torrent website is Demonoid. This site is also very popular and used by millions of people worldwide. Because of this reason, it is considered as the most reliable and trusted torrent site. All the files are safe to use and can be downloaded quickly and easily.

Another popular torrent service is BTST. This is an affiliate program that helps you to make money on the Internet while downloading movies, songs, games or other media. By doing this, you get a commission when people make a purchase from your site or through advertisements.

But if you would prefer to get a reliable and popular torrent service, you may want to try the free services first. A lot of torrents are available on the Internet that you can easily get for free. You just need to look for these sites and download torrent files.

Another option is to check out the popular torrents on the Internet. It is always better than being fooled by paid torrents. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then you can search through search engines for torrents that are popular.

A good torrent provider has high uptime and is easy to use. It should also have a comprehensive set of features that will make your torrenting experience easy and convenient.

To find a reliable torrent provider, you may have to do a little bit of research online. However, it is definitely worth it.

These are the most reliable torrent providers. They are free to use and are easy to download.

The most popular and well-known free software is uTorrent. With uTorrent, you can download many different kinds of movies, music, books and other media without having to pay anything. You may also use the tool to watch movies and videos without having to pay for the subscription fee.

Unlike uTorrent, there are other software that requires you to pay some kind of fee. These software are more popular and have a comprehensive set of features. You can even use them for a long period of time before you must renew the subscription fee.

So, what is the best choice for downloading torrents? The answer is probably torrent software.

Best Torrent Sites in India – 2021

I have made the list of best torrent sites in India that will truly revolutionize the year 2020. These torrent sites India are thoroughly tested and 100% working as of the latest updates.


If you want to get your favorite TV shows, games, music and movies or want to get more advanced browsing features, 1337x is the best option. It is counted as one of the top torrent trackers and perhaps one of the best best torrent sites in India.


It should be in the list of top 10 torrent sites in India providing you list of movies, shows, music and a lot more. You will get more options for torrenting. It is blocked in different nations, but you can bypass these blocks by using VPN.

The Pirate Bay

From my persona point of view or as per the speed test and performance, The Pirate Bay is the best torrent sites ever. It is the best torrent tracker in the world. It equivocates multiple shutdowns and blocks. It provides you with average download speed 6 MBPS. A very solid choice and contender for being the most top torrent sites India.


The list of top 10 torrent sites is counted as incomplete without adding TorLock that is an ideal platform for Ebooks and anime. It comes with intuitive interface.


For classic movies lovers, this torrent sites India is the best choice to get – mainly for hard-to-find movies. It is also ideal for users, who have limited bandwidth. 3.2 Mbps speed is enough to keep you busy and engaged.


It comes with more focus on music and providing you with a number of added features. It comes with a bit lower speed in comparison to other torrenting sites.


It is the best torrent sites India for obscure torrents that comes with a broad library and easy to navigate options. It is blocked in different nations, but you can bypass the blocks by simply using the best VPN service.


If you are looking for the best torrent games site, it is an ideal choice for you to choose with more than 3.5 million torrents (verified).


For users, looking for the best user-friendly interface and torrents come from better trackers, it is the best option to choose.


My personal speed test and experience makes it stable in the list of best torrent websites in India. It is ideal for TV shows with an average speed of 3.2mbps.

Is It Possible to Access All Torrent Sites?

Due to the efforts made to clear out on illegal torrenting, torrent sites often face blocking issues and problems. If available records are to be believed or as I have searched, a majority of sites have become out of search and from search engines for ever. ExtraTorrent, TorrentProjects, and other torrent sites India and etc are names a few of such sites. Don’t forget to keep in mind that your favorite torrenting site may also face the issues of blocking or permanent shut down. Google and other search engines have taken steps to keep their users protected and prevented from using such sites. And the result is in the form of blocking.

If you are still looking for such torrent sites that are blocks (not shut down permanently), VPN is the best solution to bypass blocks.

How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites

Just knowing about the top 10 torrent sites in India is not enough; you need to focus on the ways that can unblock best torrent sites in India. For this, no other way can be better and convenient than switch to VPN (Virtual Private Network) – the best way of bypass blocks and enjoy torrenting.

It’s Essential to Know about the Best Torrent Site in India That Is Fastest One

Before making the right decision on selection of top torrent sites in India, it is better to know about the fastest one. For this, no other way can be better and more convenient than focusing on speed test. What’s a better way to test for torrent sites India, right?

Is It Safe to Torrent without VPN?

Torrenting from the best torrent websites in India without VPN connection can be risky. You cannot expect good speed. It depends on the locality, where torrenting can be illegal. Result of downloading can be complicated and problematic – mainly due to copyright violation as you may get notices at your email address. Don’t forget to note that downloading torrents can be a punishable offence or main result on arrest or jail.

Using the right VPN service will provide you with complete peace of mind and precise solutions – no matter whether Torrenting is legal in your nation or not. You need to choose the best VPN Service to enjoy uninterrupted torrenting, it’s all a part of testing for the best torrent sites India. You can choose the best VPN from the given names like:

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