Trampoline Buying Guide 2021

By Vibelens •  Updated: 09/21/19 •  7 min read

Are you worried about your kids playing kit? If so, then trampoline is the best option. Like every parent, you also expect your kids put down their electronic gadgets, and do some physical exercise.

Kids love it because they enjoy all the fun. It helps to get their hearts pumping as well as blow off energy. Moreover, it progresses their balance, endurance, and coordination. So purchasing a trampoline would be a great choice for your kids.

 Kids are having countless hours of fun on trampolines, and adults have found a new way to get in shape. The secret to getting the most out of your trampoline is choosing a trampoline that’s appropriate for your needs.

But with so many trampolines out there, buying a trampoline can be a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers. Featured below are tips on how to buy a trampoline.

Consider this Trampoline buying guide you will ever need when choosing the best trampoline for your kids from Amazon or any other marketplace.

Trampoline Buying Guide 2021

Buying a trampoline can be quite an investment, but there is no need to worry as there is something for every budget! In general, the smaller the trampoline, the cheaper it is. Rectangle trampolines cost more than round trampolines and in-ground trampolines are a little less again than the same size complete trampoline kit. People looking at in-ground trampolines need to consider the cost involved in the installation.

Safety Nets are important

Safety is extremely important when buying a trampoline for your kids, most especially if you are looking for an outdoor trampoline that will be placed in your garden or compound. Get it right the first time you will rest knowing that your kids are enjoying the trampoline without getting injured or insects not entering the trampoline easily.

A safety net is an optional addition with most trampolines, but for safety reasons, we would recommend that it is a must. Go for a trampoline that has a thick, safety net running around the trampoline. This will help prevent kids and adults from falling off the trampoline should they bounce too high.

Consider weight limits

How Many Kids do you have or how many people do you anticipate jumping on the Trampoline? Will your kids use it along with their friends? The weight limit of the trampoline is an important consideration when buying a trampoline.

A trampoline with high user weight is better for handling heavy users. A smaller trampoline might be ideal at first, but trampoline should be a long-term investment.

As your youngster grows up, it may not support their weight anymore. Realize that overloading the trampoline above its recommended user weight might cause damage to your trampoline. Be sure to go higher than you need, rather than having to upgrade in the future and pay twice.

The frame must be robust

While overlooked, the frame is an important factor to consider. Framing takes the weight of every bounce and holds the trampoline together, and so you need a trampoline that comes with a robust, reliable frame.

Frames should be of heavy-duty galvanized steel and have clean welding. If the frame has too many sharp edges, it can cause injuries.

Because trampolines are placed outdoors and are exposed to harsh elements, it is important to purchase a trampoline with a frame that’s entirely coated to ensure long-lasting use.

Consider the Size of the Trampoline for your kids

There are two main types of trampolines; for indoor and outdoor. Indoor trampolines are smaller thus needing just a smaller space while outdoor trampolines are quite huge and as expected, they require much more space. Before purchasing how much space you have, is the main concern. Not only that, but you will also need some space around it. Although, it comes in various sizes.

Shape of the trampoline matters

Most people overlook the shape of a trampoline when shopping for one, but you will be surprised by how much difference it can make especially when you have limited space.

Most trampolines are in a circular shape, but there are also rectangular trampolines and they take up much less space despite being of the same size as the circular options.

You can easily push up a triangular trampoline against the border. There are also square and octagonal shaped trampolines, so you have a variety to choose from.

When you have limited space, the shape of a trampoline is very important. Most of the trampolines are in a circular shape. Although there is some rectangular and triangular trampolines available.

Before buying a trampoline, be sure to measure out the area where you want to put it and make sure it’s surrounded by grass or AstroTurf rather than hard concrete, to reduce the risk of injury if your child falls off.

You should also ensure there’s enough space either side for the kids to get on and off and make sure it’s not near obstacles like branches.

It’s better to visit stores and look for trampolines you want to buy but if the particular store is far away from your home or there are some good online sales you can buy them online.

Which Trampoline Design is Safe ?

When buying anything for your kids, safety should be your number one concern and that’s why design matters.

Kids are more experimental of all the time. So most manufacturers have included some safety features to ensure that whoever is using the trampoline will be safe. Parents should always read the safety measures before letting their children jump on the trampoline.

Consider the Height of the Trampoline Legs

Most trampolines have legs that elevate them. The problem comes when the legs are too tall to leave a large gap between the ground and the bouncing platform as this poses more danger if your little one falls off.

But, you can go for little legs or choose a dug-in trampoline. When the legs are too high, there is a danger if your kids fall off.

How Durable is your Kids Trampoline?

The durability of the frame should be strong. And springs should be rust-resistant. Moreover, spare parts should also be available in case of emergency.

Weight limit

Some trampoline can carry only one kid, whereas some can carry 1-3 kids. Actually, it depends on the recommended weight limits by the manufacturer to be safe.

Make sure it is well padded

A trampoline pad is padding found on the edge of the trampoline. A poorly padded trampoline is a tragedy waiting to happen. Make sure that the trampoline you buy is well padded and features thick padding made from of a tough material such as polyethylene. The pad also needs to be fitted securely to the frame, to prevent it from falling off during use.

Avoid trampolines that use ropes to secure the padding to the trampoline as they can cause injuries. Remember that the safety of the users should be your number one priority when considering a trampoline.

Ease of installation

Another important aspect to consider is how the trampoline is put together. Some trampolines are very hard to set up, while others are super-easy. Before you buy a trampoline, check to see if it needs to be assembled.

If you have to assemble the trampoline, read assembly instructions carefully before you start the setup process. The installation of all garden trampolines must be done with caution by at least two adults. If you need help setting up your trampoline or don’t you want to be bothered, you can hire a trampoline installer.